How do I Request BRAINnet data?

Once you have become a member of BRAINnet you will be able to login to your user account.

The following is an example of a user dashboard, and their current projects, proposals and data requests. The dashboard also contains items on News,  Research Programs the use has joined and proposals that have been circulated to them.

Once a member has a project that has a proposal which has been circulated and approved. A link to “Create a new data request” appears. This prompts the following steps.

1. Title your request for data and select from basic demographic options.

2.  Select “Add Variables” and tick your selections.

3. Some variables have emotion or scalp site dimensions that need to be specified.

4. Review your selection and add/remove variables where required.

5. Scroll to the bottom of this same page.

The comment box can be used to note any important information or contexts related to the submission, information about matched control requirements and questions about further data not available in the variable tree, i.e. raw waveform data.

You may also upload a text file containing subject IDs if you have them.

To submit, click “Finish”.

6. Once submitted you can view the summary page. If there is anything that needs to modified, there is an “Edit Data Request” button that allows you to return to the data request system. Comments regarding this request between the members and the administration team can be made at the bottom of the page.