How to join and access data

To apply for membership, please read the information below and fill out the online registration form.

You may join BRAINnet as:

  • Individual Member

Established Researchers, with a track record of peer reviewed outcomes.

  • PhD/Student Member (this includes Research Assistant)

If you are joining as a PhD/Student Member you will be prompted upon registration to provide further details regarding your supervisor or Institutional Representative.

Please note that if your dissertation/thesis is a series of studies, we ask you to submit each separate study in the series, and associated data request as a new paper proposal (rather than one proposal that combines multiple studies and datasets). This will help facilitate BRAINnet’s approval process which relies on approval for each use of a dataset in a new study.

  • Applied Member

Those working in organizations seeking to apply the outcomes of the research. Applied members are typically not involved directly in the research projects but are utilizing assessment platforms in health, clinical or performance settings.

Nomination and Terms of Membership

You will also be asked to acknowledge and accept the terms of BRAINnet on your own behalf and/or on behalf of your organization, and agree to comply with any changes that the BRAINnet Executive and membership may make to the terms from time to time. Members will always have the capability to remove themselves from participation in BRAINnet, via written/emailed advice to the BRAINnet administrator.

Please note that in order to complete BRAINnet registration you will typically be nominated by an existing member.

If not nominate by an existing member, please email your CV to for processing by BRAINnet Management, and complete the online form with “CV logged” in the required ‘Referring Member’ field.