BRAINnet Update and the next two weeks…

October 16th, 2009 by Admin

BRAINnet website upgrades

The BRAINnet website upgrade continues as scheduled. The Publication System has been launched (see next item).

Please note that the summary numbers available on the homepage are interim values. The total numbers will be available once the website upgrade and publication system have been completed.

BRAINnet Publication System Launch!

As part of the website upgrade, the BRAINnet publication system has been launched. It uses the PubMed server.

Over the next 4 weeks, BRAINnet will be adding your publications to this system.  We seek your help in confirming those publications relevant to BRAINnet outcomes.

Publications with your name as author will appear on the “My Publications” section of your User Dashboard.
Please confirm those that have been undertaken as part of your BRAINnet membership.

BRAINnet Administration will help by confirming on your behalf those that are already part of the records from our previous website.

Once confirmed, your papers will become part of the BRAINnet publications data base. This database is search-able by Title/Year/Author and Keyword through the “Publications” menu on the homepage.

For further details on how this publication system works see

BRAINnet on leave

Please note that BRAINnet Administration is on leave for October 17 to November 2nd.  Any website submissions in that period will still be logged and processed as a priority on return.

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