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Relative contributions of the cerebellar vermis and prefrontal lobe volumes on cognitive function across the adult lifespan. (2009).

Paul, 1; Grieve, 1; Chaudary, 1; Gordon, 1; Lawrence, 1; Cooper, 1; Clark, 1; Kukla, 1; Mulligan, 1; Gordon, 1 Neurobiology of aging 30 (3): 457-65. Pubmed ID 17869383.

Early stage assessment and course of acute stress disorder after mild traumatic brain injury. (2009).

Broomhall, L G J; Clark, C R; McFarlane, A C; O'Donnell, M; Bryant, R; Creamer, M; Silove, D The Journal of nervous and mental disease 197 (3): 178-81. Pubmed ID 19282684.

Computerized neuropsychological assessments: pros and cons. (2009).

Kemp, 1; Hatch, 1; Williams, 1 CNS spectrums 14 (3): 118-20. Pubmed ID 19407707.

Disturbances in selective information processing associated with the BDNF Val66Met polymorphism: evidence from cognition, the P300 and fronto-hippocampal systems. (2009).

Schofield, 1; Williams, 1; Paul, 1; Gatt, 1; Brown, 1; Luty, 1; Cooper, 1; Grieve, 1; Dobson-Stone, 1; Morris, 1; Kuan, 1; Gordon, 1 Biological psychology 80 (2): 176-88. Pubmed ID 18838100.

Fronto-temporal alterations within the first 200 ms during an attentional task distinguish major depression, non-clinical participants with depressed mood and healthy controls: a potential biomarker? (2009).

Kemp, 1; Hopkinson, 1; Hermens, 1; Rowe, 1; Sumich, 1; Clark, 1; Drinkenburg, 1; Abdi, 1; Penrose, 1; McFarlane, 1; Boyce, 1; Gordon, 1; Williams, 1 Human brain mapping 30 (2): 602-14. Pubmed ID 18181154.

Small-world properties of nonlinear brain activity in schizophrenia. (2009).

Rubinov, M; Knock, S A; Stam, C J; Micheloyannis, S; Harris, A W F; Williams, L M; Breakspear, M Human brain mapping 30 (2): 403-16. Pubmed ID 18072237.

Neural synchrony in patients with a first episode of schizophrenia: tracking relations with grey matter and symptom profile. (2009).

Williams, 1; Whitford, 1; Gordon, 1; Gomes, 1; Brown, 1; Harris, 1 Journal of psychiatry & neuroscience : JPN 34 (1): 21-9. Pubmed ID 19125210.

Improving the prediction of treatment response in depression: integration of clinical, cognitive, psychophysiological, neuroimaging, and genetic measures. (2008).

Kemp, A H; Gordon, E; Rush, A J; Williams, L M CNS spectrums 13 (12): 1066-86; quiz 1087-8. Pubmed ID 19179943.

Event-related potential correlates of paranormal ideation and unusual experiences. (2008).

Sumich, A; Kumari, V; Gordon, E; Tunstall, N; Brammer, M Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior 44 (10): 1342-52. Pubmed ID 18625497.

Dissociative responses to conscious and non-conscious fear impact underlying brain function in post-traumatic stress disorder. (2008).

Felmingham, K; Kemp, A H; Williams, L; Falconer, E; Olivieri, G; Peduto, A; Bryant, R Psychological medicine 38 (12): 1771-80. Pubmed ID 18294420.

The integrate model of emotion, thinking and self regulation: an application to the "paradox of aging". (2008).

Williams, L M; Gatt, J M; Hatch, A; Palmer, D M; Nagy, M; Rennie, C; Cooper, N J; Morris, C; Grieve, S; Dobson-Stone, C; Schofield, P; Clark, C R; Gordon, E; Arns, M; Paul, R H Journal of integrative neuroscience 7 (3): 367-404. Pubmed ID 18988298.

Developing an integrated brain, behavior and biological response profile in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). (2008).

Falconer, E M; Felmingham, K L; Allen, A; Clark, C R; McFarlane, A C; Williams, L M; Bryant, R A Journal of integrative neuroscience 7 (3): 439-56. Pubmed ID 18988301.

An "integrative neuroscience" platform: application to profiles of negativity and positivity bias. (2008).

Gordon, E; Barnett, K J; Cooper, N J; Tran, N; Williams, L M Journal of integrative neuroscience 7 (3): 345-66. Pubmed ID 18988297.

EEG phenotypes predict treatment outcome to stimulants in children with ADHD. (2008).

Arns, M; Gunkelman, J; Breteler, M; Spronk, D Journal of integrative neuroscience 7 (3): 421-38. Pubmed ID 18988300.

Relationship between body mass index and brain volume in healthy adults. (2008).

Gunstad, J; Paul, R H; Cohen, R A; Tate, D F; Spitznagel, M B; Grieve, S; Gordon, E The International journal of neuroscience 118 (11): 1582-93. Pubmed ID 18853335.

Association between BDNF Val66Met polymorphism and trait depression is mediated via resting EEG alpha band activity. (2008).

Gatt, J M; Kuan, S A; Dobson-Stone, C; Paul, R H; Joffe, R T; Kemp, A H; Gordon, E; Schofield, P R; Williams, L M Biological psychology 79 (2): 275-84. Pubmed ID 18721847.

Increased absolute magnitude of gamma synchrony in first-episode psychosis. (2008).

Flynn, G; Alexander, D; Harris, A; Whitford, T; Wong, W; Galletly, C; Silverstein, S; Gordon, E; Williams, L M Schizophrenia research 105 (1-3): 262-71. Pubmed ID 18603413.

The neural networks of inhibitory control in posttraumatic stress disorder. (2008).

Falconer, E; Bryant, R; Felmingham, K L; Kemp, A H; Gordon, E; Peduto, A; Olivieri, G; Williams, L M Journal of psychiatry & neuroscience : JPN 33 (5): 413-22. Pubmed ID 18787658.

The effects of a poor night sleep on mood, cognitive, autonomic and electrophysiological measures. (2008).

Barnett, K J; Cooper, N J Journal of integrative neuroscience 7 (3): 405-20. Pubmed ID 18988299.

Investigating models of affect: relationships among EEG alpha asymmetry, depression, and anxiety. (2008).

Mathersul, D; Williams, L M; Hopkinson, P J; Kemp, A H Emotion (Washington, D.C.) 8 (4): 560-72. Pubmed ID 18729586.

Misinterpreting emotional expressions in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: evidence for a neural marker and stimulant effects. (2008).

Williams, L M; Hermens, D F; Palmer, D; Kohn, M; Clarke, S; Keage, H; Clark, C R; Gordon, E Biological psychiatry 63 (10): 917-26. Pubmed ID 18272140.

Enhanced amygdala and medial prefrontal activation during nonconscious processing of fear in posttraumatic stress disorder: an fMRI study. (2008).

Bryant, R A; Kemp, A H; Felmingham, K L; Liddell, B; Olivieri, G; Peduto, A; Gordon, E; Williams, L M Human brain mapping 29 (5): 517-23. Pubmed ID 17525984.

Resting electroencephalogram asymmetry and posttraumatic stress disorder. (2008).

Shankman, S A; Silverstein, S M; Williams, L M; Hopkinson, P J; Kemp, A H; Felmingham, K L; Bryant, R A; McFarlane, A; Clark, C R Journal of traumatic stress 21 (2): 190-8. Pubmed ID 18404640.

Rostral anterior cingulate volume predicts treatment response to cognitive-behavioural therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder. (2008).

Bryant, R A; Felmingham, K; Whitford, T J; Kemp, A; Hughes, G; Peduto, A; Williams, L M Journal of psychiatry & neuroscience : JPN 33 (2): 142-6. Pubmed ID 18330460.

Amygdala and ventral anterior cingulate activation predicts treatment response to cognitive behaviour therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder. (2008).

Bryant, R A; Felmingham, K; Kemp, A; Das, P; Hughes, G; Peduto, A; Williams, L M Psychological medicine 38 (4): 555-61. Pubmed ID 18005496.

Body mass index and neuropsychological function in healthy children and adolescents. (2008).

Gunstad, J; Spitznagel, M B; Paul, R H; Cohen, R A; Kohn, M; Luyster, F S; Clark, R; Williams, L M; Gordon, E Appetite 50 (2-3): 246-51. Pubmed ID 17761359.

ERP indices of working memory updating in AD/HD: differential aspects of development, subtype, and medication. (2008).

Keage, H A D; Clark, C R; Hermens, D F; Williams, L M; Kohn, M R; Clarke, S; Lamb, C; Crewther, D; Gordon, E Journal of clinical neurophysiology : official publication of the American Electroencephalographic Society 25 (1): 32-41. Pubmed ID 18303558.

The relationship between early life stress and microstructural integrity of the corpus callosum in a non-clinical population. (2008).

Paul, R; Henry, L; Grieve, S M; Guilmette, T J; Niaura, R; Bryant, R; Bruce, S; Williams, L M; Richard, C C; Cohen, R A; Gordon, E Neuropsychiatric disease and treatment 4 (1): 193-201. Pubmed ID 18728817.

Investigating the neuropsychological and neuroanatomical changes that occur over the first 2-3 years of illness in patients with first-episode schizophrenia. (2008).

Zipparo, L; Whitford, T J; Hodge, M A R; Lucas, S; Farrow, T F D; Brennan, J; Gomes, L; Williams, L M; Harris, A W F Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry 32 (2): 531-8. Pubmed ID 18061326.

General and social cognition in first episode schizophrenia: identification of separable factors and prediction of functional outcome using the IntegNeuro test battery. (2008).

Williams, L M; Whitford, T J; Flynn, G; Wong, W; Liddell, B J; Silverstein, S; Galletly, C; Harris, A W F; Gordon, E Schizophrenia research 99 (1-3): 182-91. Pubmed ID 18053688.
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