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Putative biomarker of working memory systems development during childhood and adolescence. (2008).

Keage, H A D; Clark, C R; Hermens, D F; Williams, L M; Kohn, M R; Clarke, S; Lamb, C; Crewther, D; Gordon, E Neuroreport 19 (2): 197-201. Pubmed ID 18185108.

Chronic cigarette smoking and the microstructural integrity of white matter in healthy adults: a diffusion tensor imaging study. (2008).

Paul, R H; Grieve, S M; Niaura, R; David, S P; Laidlaw, D H; Cohen, R; Sweet, L; Taylor, G; Clark, R C; Pogun, S; Gordon, E Nicotine & tobacco research : official journal of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco 10 (1): 137-47. Pubmed ID 18188754.

Pedigree with frontotemporal lobar degeneration--motor neuron disease and Tar DNA binding protein-43 positive neuropathology: genetic linkage to chromosome 9. (2008).

Luty, A A; Kwok, J B J; Thompson, E M; Blumbergs, P; Brooks, W S; Loy, C T; Dobson-Stone, C; Panegyres, P K; Hecker, J; Nicholson, G A; Halliday, G M; Schofield, P R BMC neurology 8: 32. Pubmed ID 18755042.

Event-related wave activity in the EEG provides new marker of ADHD. (2007).

Alexander, D M; Hermens, D F; Keage, H A D; Clark, C R; Williams, L M; Kohn, M R; Clarke, S D; Lamb, C; Gordon, E Clinical neurophysiology : official journal of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology 119 (1): 163-79. Pubmed ID 18054279.

Analysis of eyes open, eye closed EEG signals using second-order difference plot. (2007).

Thuraisingham, R A; Tran, Y; Boord, P; Craig, A Medical & biological engineering & computing 45 (12): 1243-9. Pubmed ID 17926075.

Development and validation of a World-Wide-Web-based neurocognitive assessment battery: WebNeuro. (2007).

Silverstein, S M; Berten, S; Olson, P; Paul, R; Willams, L M; Cooper, N; Gordon, E Behavior research methods 39 (4): 940-9. Pubmed ID 18183911.

Distinguishing symptom profiles in adolescent ADHD using an objective cognitive test battery. (2007).

Clarke, S D; Kohn, M R; Hermens, D F; Rabbinge, M; Clark, C R; Gordon, E; Williams, L M International journal of adolescent medicine and health 19 (3): 355-67. Pubmed ID 17937152.

Neural biases to covert and overt signals of fear: dissociation by trait anxiety and depression. (2007).

Williams, L M; Kemp, A H; Felmingham, K; Liddell, B J; Palmer, D M; Bryant, R A Journal of cognitive neuroscience 19 (10): 1595-608. Pubmed ID 17854280.

Influence of comorbid depression on fear in posttraumatic stress disorder: an fMRI study. (2007).

Kemp, A H; Felmingham, K; Das, P; Hughes, G; Peduto, A S; Bryant, R A; Williams, L M Psychiatry research 155 (3): 265-9. Pubmed ID 17572075.

Dynamic organization of the emotional brain: responsivity, stability, and instability. (2007).

Williams, L M; Gordon, E The Neuroscientist : a review journal bringing neurobiology, neurology and psychiatry 13 (4): 349-70. Pubmed ID 17644766.

Investigation of MCPH1 G37995C and ASPM A44871G polymorphisms and brain size in a healthy cohort. (2007).

Dobson-Stone, C; Gatt, J M; Kuan, S A; Grieve, S M; Gordon, E; Williams, L M; Schofield, P R NeuroImage 37 (2): 394-400. Pubmed ID 17566767.

Electroencephalographic, personality, and executive function measures associated with frequent mobile phone use. (2007).

Arns, M; Luijtelaar, G V; Sumich, A; Hamilton, R; Gordon, E The International journal of neuroscience 117 (9): 1341-60. Pubmed ID 17654096.

Volumetric white matter abnormalities in first-episode schizophrenia: a longitudinal, tensor-based morphometry study. (2007).

Whitford, T J; Grieve, S M; Farrow, T F D; Gomes, L; Brennan, J; Harris, A W F; Gordon, E; Williams, L M The American journal of psychiatry 164 (7): 1082-9. Pubmed ID 17606660.

The contribution of apolipoprotein E alleles on cognitive performance and dynamic neural activity over six decades. (2007).

, Biological psychology 75 (3): 229-38. Pubmed ID 17433528.

Diffusion tensor imaging of the corpus callosum: a cross-sectional study across the lifespan. (2007).

McLaughlin, N C R; Paul, R H; Grieve, S M; Williams, L M; Laidlaw, D; DiCarlo, M; Clark, C R; Whelihan, W; Cohen, R A; Whitford, T J; Gordon, E International journal of developmental neuroscience : the official journal of the International Society for Developmental Neuroscience 25 (4): 215-21. Pubmed ID 17524591.

Variability of model-free and model-based quantitative measures of EEG. (2007).

Albada, S J V; Rennie, C J; Robinson, P A Journal of integrative neuroscience 6 (2): 279-307. Pubmed ID 17622982.

Integrating objective gene-brain-behavior markers of psychiatric disorders. (2007).

Gordon, E; Liddell, B J; Brown, K J; Bryant, R; Clark, C R; DAS, P; Dobson-Stone, C; Falconer, E; Felmingham, K; Flynn, G; Gatt, J M; Harris, A; Hermens, D F; Hopkinson, P J; Kemp, A H; Kuan, S A; Lazzaro, I; Moyle, J; Paul, R H; Rennie, C J; Schofield, P; Whitford, T; Williams, L M Journal of integrative neuroscience 6 (1): 1-34. Pubmed ID 17472223.

Integrating "brain" and "body" measures: correlations between EEG and metabolic changes over the human lifespan. (2007).

Boord, P R; Rennie, C J; Williams, L M Journal of integrative neuroscience 6 (1): 205-18. Pubmed ID 17472230.

Different brain activation patterns in dyslexic children: evidence from EEG power and coherence patterns for the double-deficit theory of dyslexia. (2007).

Arns, M; Peters, S; Breteler, R; Verhoeven, L Journal of integrative neuroscience 6 (1): 175-90. Pubmed ID 17472228.

Fronto-limbic and autonomic disjunctions to negative emotion distinguish schizophrenia subtypes. (2007).

Williams, L M; Das, P; Liddell, B J; Olivieri, G; Peduto, A S; David, A S; Gordon, E; Harris, A W F Psychiatry research 155 (1): 29-44. Pubmed ID 17398080.

Changes in anterior cingulate and amygdala after cognitive behavior therapy of posttraumatic stress disorder. (2007).

Felmingham, K; Kemp, A; Williams, L; Das, P; Hughes, G; Peduto, A; Bryant, R Psychological science : a journal of the American Psychological Society / APS 18 (2): 127-9. Pubmed ID 17425531.

Cross-cultural assessment of neuropsychological performance and electrical brain function measures: additional validation of an international brain database. (2007).

Paul, R H; Gunstad, J; Cooper, N; Williams, L M; Clark, C R; Cohen, R A; Lawrence, J J; Gordon, E The International journal of neuroscience 117 (4): 549-68. Pubmed ID 17365135.

Handedness and cognition across the healthy lifespan. (2007).

Gunstad, J; Spitznagel, M B; Luyster, F; Cohen, R A; Paul, R H The International journal of neuroscience 117 (4): 477-85. Pubmed ID 17365130.

Rates of decline distinguish Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment relative to normal aging: integrating cognition and brain function. (2007).

Liddell, B J; Paul, R H; Arns, M; Gordon, N; Kukla, M; Rowe, D; Cooper, N; Moyle, J; Williams, L M Journal of integrative neuroscience 6 (1): 141-74. Pubmed ID 17472227.

An integrative approach to determine the best behavioral and biological markers of methylphenidate. (2007).

Hermens, D F; Cooper, N J; Clark, C R; Debrota, D; Clarke, S D; Williams, L M Journal of integrative neuroscience 6 (1): 105-40. Pubmed ID 17472226.

Longitudinal changes in neuroanatomy and neural activity in early schizophrenia. (2007).

Whitford, T J; Farrow, T F D; Rennie, C J; Grieve, S M; Gomes, L; Brennan, J; Harris, A W F; Williams, L M Neuroreport 18 (5): 435-9. Pubmed ID 17496799.

Brain structure and function correlates of general and social cognition. (2007).

Rowe, D L; Cooper, N J; Liddell, B J; Clark, C R; Gordon, E; Williams, L M Journal of integrative neuroscience 6 (1): 35-74. Pubmed ID 17472224.

Brain maturation in adolescence: concurrent changes in neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. (2007).

Whitford, T J; Rennie, C J; Grieve, S M; Clark, C R; Gordon, E; Williams, L M Human brain mapping 28 (3): 228-37. Pubmed ID 16767769.

A genotype-endophenotype-phenotype path model of depressed mood: integrating cognitive and emotional markers. (2007).

Gatt, J M; Clark, C R; Kemp, A H; Liddell, B J; Dobson-Stone, C; Kuan, S A; Schofield, P R; Williams, L M Journal of integrative neuroscience 6 (1): 75-104. Pubmed ID 17472225.

Cognitive aging, executive function, and fractional anisotropy: a diffusion tensor MR imaging study. (2007).

Grieve, S M; Williams, L M; Paul, R H; Clark, C R; Gordon , E AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology 28 (2): 226-35. Pubmed ID 17296985.
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