Social versus General Cognition: Impact of Age

Proposal details

Title: Social versus General Cognition: Impact of Age
Research Area(s): Emotion and Self Regulation
Background: There is accumulating evidence from neuropsychology that social and emotional functions are relatively preserved over age, while general cognitive ability declines. But, this proposal has not been examined using concurrent measures of brain function and structure.
Aims: General cognition will decline with age, but social cognition will be relatively preserved.
Method: Factor analysis: Undertaken for cognitive tests (for 'general cognition' factors), and of DASS/NEO-FFI/EQ (for 'social cognition' factors). Brain Function: Oddball and WM P300 (related to 'general cognition'). Faces N170/P200(VPP) (related to 'social cognition'). MRI grey and white matter parcellation. Regression analysis for age.