Emotion perception in schizophrenia: Examining temporal disconnections

Proposal details

Title: Emotion perception in schizophrenia: Examining temporal disconnections
Research Area(s): Schizophrenia and Allied Psychoses
Background: This project is part of a Pfizer Fellowship. We have previously examined breakdowns in emotion processing in schizophrenia using both eye movement recording, recognition, ERP and fMRI techniques. This study would extend the focus to Gamma synchrony, to determine whether the loss of integration apparent in fMRI is present for high temporal resolution binding. ERPs would be included to provide information on temporal sequence of activity
Aims: 1. First episode schizophrenia will be associated with a slowing of ERPs to facial emotion stimuli (particularly negative). 2. It will also be associated with a lack of normal integration of neural activity, reflected in excessive background Gamma synchrony but reduced time-locked peak synchrony 3. These impairments will relate to poor accuracy in recognizing negative emotion in particular
Method: Gamma synchrony data for facial emotion task. ERPs for facial emotion task. (both requiring non-standard scoring which can be done via BDC). Emotion recognition accuracy data.