Proposal details

Research Area(s): PTSD and other Anxiety Disorders
Background: We are currently engaged in several pilot studies concerning PTSD and cognitive functioning.
Aims: The purpose of this study is to bring up a cognitive profile for PTSD in order to recognize possible sub-types of PTSD, and exaggerated PTSD (malingering).
Method: We propose to have a pilot study using Integneuro assessment on the following groups: 1. Subjects diagnosed with PTSD that chose not to make claims for compensation, thus representing PTSD without secondary gain (PTSD control group) ? 50 subjects. 2. Subjects desiring to receive a driving license, therefore with an incentive to hide any symptom ("under-exaggerated" group) ? 50 subjects. 3. Subjects diagnosed with both PTSD and OCD that might have a different cognitive profile compared to PTSD without other co-morbidity (PTSD-OCD group) ? 50 subjects. 4. Subjects diagnosed with OCD only (OCD control group) ? 25 subjects. 5. Subjects diagnosed with PTSD and making claims for compensation (Possible malingered PTSD group) ? 50 subjects. 6.Healthy participants ? 25 subjects.