Biomarkers of first episode schizophrenia: Synchrony and Sensory Gating

Proposal details

Title: Biomarkers of first episode schizophrenia: Synchrony and Sensory Gating
Research Area(s): Schizophrenia and Allied Psychoses
Background: A fellowship project is focusing on 'missing links' - disruptions to brain connectiv ity in schizophrenia, using both high temporal resolution (Gamma synchrony) and high spatial resolution (fmri connectivity) measures. This is a related project related to the focus of the BRID on identifying biomarkers of schizophrenia. The focus is on whether previously established biomarkers of schizophrenia - in this case P50 elicited by PPI sensori-gating task and EEG coherence - are predicted by these synchrony and connectivity measures.
Aims: 1. To demonstrate PPi P50 deficits in FES 2. To demonstrate EEG coherence deficits in FES 3. To demonstrate that P50 anc coherence impairments in first episode schizophrenia are predicted by Gamma synchrony and fMRI connectivity and 3. To demonstrate that together, these measures predict real world functional outcome
Method: The Gamma synchrony and fMRI data, and functional outcome (social function, quality of life) data, are provided under previous BRAINnet projects. The new data for this project would be: 1. P50 elicited by the PPI task and 2. EEG coherence for first episode patients (n=56) and matched healthy controls (n=112).