Maturation of the emotional brain

Proposal details

Title: Maturation of the emotional brain
Research Area(s): Emotion and Self Regulation
Background: This is a paper proposal, which builds on two previous projects currently underway within BrainNet: Lea Williams' "Towards a Continuum Model of Orienting and Defensive Responses", focusing on brain networks for significance and emotion processing in adults, and Donna Palmer's "Emotion Processing and Autonomic Arousal in Conduct Disorder", focusing on emotional brain networks in children with conduct disorder & ADHD.
Aims: The aim of this paper is to examine the emotional brain network in healthy young people (6 to 30 years), and specifically the age-related maturational changes in this network across this age range. The aim of this is to provide a comprehensive framework from which the emotional brain network can be assessed in clinical groups across different stages of childhood and adolescence.
Method: This paper will look at maturational changes, from 6 to 30 years, in healthy control subjects for the following measures: 1. Facial emotion ERPs 2. Auditory oddball ERPs (as a non-emotion comparison basis for the facial emotion ERPs). 3. Heart rate (Facial emotion & oddball paradigms). 4. Skin conductance (Facial emotion & oddball paradigms). 5. EMG startle response (PPI & facial emotion paradigms). 6. Facial emotion recognition performance (from the psychometrics test battery).