Early Onset Psychosis Project

Proposal details

Title: Early Onset Psychosis Project
Research Area(s): Schizophrenia and Allied Psychoses
Background: There is accumulating evidence that objective markers of cognition, emotion and brain function and structure have utility in identifying the first episode of psychosis (in particular schizophrenia), and the progression of the illness. Very little research has been done in early onset psychosis, with younger individuals. For instance, there are a handful of studies of cognition, and less evaluating brain structure. No study has evaluated multiple cognition-emotion-brain markers in the one early onset group. Here, we use the Brain Resource standardized battery to evaluate early onset psychosis.
Aims: The focus of the first phase of the research is that early onset psychosis will be distinguished by 1. Working memory difficulties (IntegNeuro) 2. Oddball ERP alterations and associated Gamma synchrony alterations (LabNeuro, oddball task) A second phase analysis will focus on emotional difficulties and neural synchrony