'The Oddball Explained'

Proposal details

Title: 'The Oddball Explained'
Research Area(s): Brain Modeling
Development and Aging
Brain Imaging
Individual Differences
Background: This project is focused on explaining the variance of the P300 component (amplitude and latency) from neuropsychological, genetic, EEG, and other factors (e.g. food intake, sleep, caffeine use, DTI) by replicating many of the factors published initially by Polich & Kok (1995). Furthermore, the developmental trajectory of P300 amplitude and latency will be investigated further in order to better understand the functional meaning of these components. Based on initial findings the P300 measures will also be related to DTI measures such as Fractional Anisotropy (FA) in a subgroup of patients for whom these data are available.
Aims: Find which factors explain most of the variance in Oddball Components.
Method: Correlational analysis, curve fitting and factor-analysis.