Changes in cortical thickness with age, gender and early life stress.

Proposal details

Title: To study changes in cortical thickness measures obtained from structural MRI data with age, gender & early life stress.
Research Area(s): Development and Aging
Brain Imaging
Background: Changes in grey matter (GM) volume with age has already been demonstrated in the BRAINnet datasets. Different GM areas of accelerated loss and preservation with age have also been established. The goal of this project is to replicate these findings using cortex thickness measurements.
Aims: 1. Analyze structural MRI data and make available cortical thickness measures to the database. 2. Publish any findings from these analyses - Areas of accelerated cortical thickness loss and preservation with age, gender; associations of cortical thickness with early life stress. 3. Extend collaboration with Art Toga and John Mazziotta at UCLA proposing a combined analysis of LONI-ICBM and BRAINnet databases.
Method: 1. Structural MRI data will be analyzed using Freesurfer. 2. Associations with demographics and ELS will be studied.