obesity and cognitive function

Proposal details

Title: Possible threshold effects in the association between obesity and cognitive function
Research Area(s): Brain Imaging
Thinking and Cognition
Background: Our previous work with BRID data found that greater body mass index (BMI) was associated with reduced performance on tests of memory and executive function. However, given the excellent health of BRID participants, it is possible that some of the effects of BMI on cognitive function are obscured due to the relative healthy body weights of most individuals. As a result, we intend to combine BRID data with data from our ongoing study of persons presenting for bariatric surgery to better understand the impact of BMI on cognitive function across a broader range.
Aims: We proposed to determine: 1. The independent effects of obesity on cognitive function across the BRID and bariatric surgery patients (i.e. from underweight to morbidly obese) 2. The interaction of BMI and aging on cognitive function
Method: Archival data