Gamma synchrony and cognition in first episode psychosis

Proposal details

Title: Gamma synchrony and cognition in first episode psychosis
Research Area(s): Schizophrenia and Allied Psychoses
Background: We have previously demonstrated changes in gamma synchrony in first episode psychosis (FEP). This project will aim to replicate these findings in FEP and explore the interaction of gamma power and synchrony with other bands taking into account cognitive and psychopathological features of the enlarged group. If possible I will also use raw data from BRAINnet to explore higher bands of gamma available via scoring algorithms at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research at Frankfurt in Germany.
Aims: 1. Replicate past findings in gamma power and synchrony in FEP in a larger group 2. Explore the interaction of gamma with slower wave bands 3. Use cognitive and psychopathological domains to examine differences in gamma synchrony and power according to groups based upon presence of negative symptoms and slowed cognitive processing 4. Score BRAINnet data using MPI algorithms for high (up to 100Hz) gamma
Method: FEP and matched normal controls will be contrasted using general linear model using repeated measures for region. Subjects with FEP will be grouped using PCA to examine the effect of high levels of negative symptoms on psychophysiological measures and on Integneuro scores.