Cognitive Reserve and Obesity

Proposal details

Title: Cognitive Reserve Moderates the Effect of Obesity on Cognitive Function
Research Area(s): Thinking and Cognition
Background: Previous studies using BRID data show that elevated body mass index (BMI) is associated with poorer cognitive test performance. However, there is substantial variability in test performance at the individual level, suggesting there are important factors that moderate obesity-related cognitive dysfunction. A likely moderator is cognitive reserve, which influences cognitive function in other samples. No study has examined cognitive function in obesity-related cognitive dysfunction.
Aims: 1. Examine whether cognitive reserve (as operationalized as estimated IQ) moderates the association between BMI and cognitive function in BRID participants. 2. Examine whether this pattern changes as a function of age (i.e. younger vs. older adults).
Method: Archived BRID data will be used to examine the above aims.