Sleep in ADHD

Proposal details

Title: Association between sleep, EEG and cognition in healthy controls and ADHD
Research Area(s): ADHD and Allied Conditions
Background: Recent studies are suggesting a more prominent role of sleep in psychiatric disorders such as ADHD (Miano, Parisi & Villa, 2012; Arns & Kenemans, Under Review; Arns, Conners, Kraemer, In Press; Arns, van der Heijden, Arnold & Kenemans, Submitted). Therefore, in this study we want to investigate in more detail the association between different sleep parameters and EEG/cognition in ADHD as well as in healthy controls.
Aims: Investigate the relationship between sleep variables and cognition, EEG.
Method: Using the data from the sleep questionnaire (WebQ) and HowAreYouToday we want to investigate on item level the association between specific sleep items (e.g. sleep duration, onset latency, OSAS, RLS) and cognition and EEG. Furthermore, we will also investigate differences in prevalence of specific sleep complaints in ADHD vs. normal controls.