Gray matter and cognition

Proposal details

Title: Relationship between gray matter and cognition in healthy subjects
Research Area(s): Thinking and Cognition
Brain Imaging
Individual Differences
Background: Voxel based morphometry measures of gray matter have been used in studies of psychiatric disorders for 15+ years, and have yielded a wealth of data. It is unclear, however, what the interpretation of these results are, as gray matter changes may relate to any number of potential functions for a brain region.
Aims: To determine the behavioral correlates of gray matter variation, assessed by voxel based morphometry, in terms of tests of cognition and emotion.
Method: Correlate performance in behavioral tests (eg working memory, response inhibition, etc) with gray matter signal from VBM analyses of gray matter volume (modulated data), initially with specific regions of interest derived from prior VBM studies in patients, as well as a broader voxelwise analysis throughout the whole brain.