Proposal details

Title: Probing inattention as a research domain criterion
Research Area(s): Development and Aging
Background: Inattention is a neuropsychological complaint that is present in many disorders ranging from ADHD to depression. Focusing on attention in a group of healthy people could potentially shed more light on the underlying construct of inattention which could thus also result in new insights relevant to psychiatric disorders.
Aims: In this project we aim to investigate inattention as a research domain criterion in the Brainnet normative data using a neuropsychologically defined measure of inattention. We aim to investigate both the electrophysiological as well as genetic underpinnings of inattention.
Method: Defining subgroups of 'attenters' and 'inattenters' and compare their psychophysiological profiles of brain function and comparing attentional performance of various risk genes e.g. Dopaminergic genes.