Overview: What Data Are Available

The BRAINnet Advantage

Data are available for a diverse array of brain, body and lifestyle measures, collected using the same standardized assessment protocols in all individuals: Screening Questionnaries for health and lifestyle factors (‘WebQ’, ‘BRISC’); Cognition (‘IntegNeuro’, ‘WebNeuro’); EEG, ERPs, and autonomic arousal measures (‘LabNeuro’); MRI, fMRI and DTI (‘MRINeuro’); Genomics (‘MolecularNeuro’); Disorder-specific clinical assessments. These data are available in 5,000 healthy controls and 1,000 people from 9 clinical groups.

The data available through BRAINnet continues to expand, as additional data is contributed from the latest studies that have used these standardized assessment platforms.
See table below for data that is currently available, across the different assessment platforms and cohort groups.

For further information on the standardized assessments:

Click Here To Download BRAINnet Standardized Platforms Manual (pdf)