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Onnit Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is a well-known nootropic that claims to enhance cognitive functions like memory, learning, focus, motivation, creativity, and more.

It is considered to be a powerful cognitive enhancer, which is also safe to use.

But does that mean there are no side effects of the Onnit Alpha Brain?

No, it is not true. If taken in a moderate amount Alpha Brain does offer great cognitive benefits. However, there are a few Alpha Brain side effects about which you must know.

According to users, minor adverse effects were experienced by them. Even though Alpha Brain is considered to be a premier over-the-counter smart drug, taking Alpha Brain more than the prescribed dose can be harmful.

To have a clearer picture, here is the complete guide to Alpha Brain, its strong nootropic formula, and the possible side effects.   

What is Alpha Brain?

Onnit Labs introduced the Alpha Brain in 2011 and quickly gained popularity. Today it is ranked amongst the top smart drugs sold over the counter. Read alpha brain onnit review.

The main reason behind its popularity is that this nootropic supplement actually works. It helps its users achieve peak mental performance, as it enhances learning and concentration level, boost memory, focus, and mood, and improves mental processing and critical thinking abilities.

This brain boosting supplement helps you stay focused for 6 hours and more so that your brain work and completes the complex tasks at hand without any distractions.

A study has shown enhancement in cognitive function in individuals who took Onnit Alpha Brain. Their verbal memory was also improved as compared to those who were given a placebo [1].

The Alpha Brain ingredients include natural substances like Bacopa monnieri, phosphatidylserine, L-Theanine, Oat Straw extract, Alpha GPC, and B vitamins. Taking Alpha Brain targets the acetylcholine levels and gives your brain the right environment to operate, and provides an optimal level of mental clarity to work.

It is a BSCG certified nootropic supplement that is free from stimulants, caffeine, gluten as well as dairy content.      

There are three blends of Onnit Alpha Brain available- Onnit Flow Blend, Onnit Focus Blend, and Onnit Fuel Blend. All these Alpha Brain versions include natural ingredients and work to enhance mental performance and ensure optimal brain health.   

Alpha Brain Side Effects | What You MUST Know

Alpha Brain is a safe and potent nootropic supplement. On using any smart drug or cognitive enhancer like this there are chances that issues might come up.

According to a double blind study not more than 9% of the subjects who participated, experienced side effects, and none of them faced severe side effects [1].

The possible dangers are not severe and occur rarely. However, there can be a few risks that it poses to the user’s health.

One reason for Alpha Brain side effects is cross interaction with other medications. Or you might not be following a healthy diet.

So let us have a look at some common Alpha Brain side effects-  


Minor nausea is one side effect that is common. Whenever you start with any drug or medication or take it for the first reactions are bound to happen. And so you can experience nausea and a little bit of stomach pain. A minor discomfort might happen, however, it is not severe. As soon as you adjust to the dose, the feeling of nausea will also go away.

According to some users, taking Alpha Brain with a light meal is recommended. Do not take it on an empty stomach.


Minor headache is observed with the intake of Alpha Brain. According to research dehydration is the root cause of headaches associated with the Alpha Brain [1].

We tend to forget about food and water and get in the zone of high energy while taking nootropics. And so not having enough water can lead to minor headaches. To stay hydrated and maintain electrolyte balance, you can squeeze a slice of lime into your bottle of water.

Jaw Pain

Another possible side effect associated with Alpha Brain is jaw pain. Your jaw can sometimes tighten as you focus and try to stay in your work zone.

Usually, jaw pain sets in after headache kicks in. Most of the users report that it is not intense and quite temporary and fades away quickly.  

Body Odor

Not everyone experiences the issue of body odor. The side effect sounds very strange and thankfully it is not common.

On days when taking Alpha Brain, your body odor can change slightly and become stronger. Though it doesn’t seem to be a big deal, make sure are not stinking when you go out.

So be careful while you step out on the days you take Alpha Brain. And apply an extra punch of perfume.   

Vivid Dreams and Nightmares

Another interesting Alpha Brain side effect that was reported is crazy and vivid dreams. Occasionally you can get a nightmare that will wake you from slumber.

It is also a rare side effect of the drug, but possible as it is said to be associated with particular Alpha Brain ingredients.  

However, if you are already having bad dreams then it should not be of much concern.     

Jitters and Anxiety

Jitters and anxiety are the most common side effects of any new drug taken by individuals.

Nootropic stacks include ingredients that act as stimulants. While the stimulating effect helps your brain to function better, jitters and anxiety just tag along.

During the first 30 minutes of taking Alpha Brain, you might feel a little bit of restlessness. However, it is just for the time which the drug takes to kick in. slowly, you will feel a boost in mental energy and you will be able to experience the cognitive benefits.

Since Alpha Brain is caffeine free, the anxiety and jitters are mainly due to elevated mood. And so your brain is completely healthy.


Every other individual today faces insomnia. While we expect sleeplessness to strike in the day, it usually dawns upon us in the night.

And so we would suggest you take Alpha Brain in the morning or during the early afternoon to make your brain work better. Avoid taking it in the evening unless you want to stay awake all night.

Alpha Brain promotes wakefulness and you should use it to your advantage. Do not take it at night as it will disrupt your sleep.  

Is Alpha Brain Safe?

New to nootropics?

Are you are still confused about which nootropic to take?

Is Alpha Brain safe to use?

If you are wondering about these questions then the answer is- Yes. Alpha Brain is safe to use and one of the best nootropic supplements for beginners.

If you are judging this smart drug by the number of side effects mentioned above, then stop.

Because almost every nootropic supplement or cognitive enhancer present on the market shelf poses side effects ranging from mild to severe. And as compared to the adverse reactions, it has various positive effects and nootropic benefits.  

Also, as we are all not the same, the side effects also vary from person to person.

Alpha Brain is one of the safest smart drugs out there. And it is backed by research- according to a study only about 9% of the individuals experienced mild side effects, and 0% of the participants did not have any severe effect of the medication [1]. Thus, it is one of the well-tolerated nootropics supplements.

However, there is a very slight chance of a serious medical condition associated with Alpha Brain. But since there is no legit source showing significant health issue, and no death, hospitalization or overdoes was recorded.

So you can trust it completely.     

Should I take Alpha Brain every day?

Now since we have agreed to the fact that Alpha Brain is safe to use, the question is – Should you take Alpha brain every day?

Is it safe to use a nootropic supplement every day?

While there are no studies that show that Alpha Brain is addictive, we do not recommend you to take it every day.

We all know that taking a particular substance every day can make your body dependent on it.

And so to avoid getting dependent on the drug or develop a tolerance, it is recommended to take Alpha Brain occasionally.  

When we take a certain substance or drug, it helps our brain. It aids in the production of certain chemicals that enhance cognitive functions. However, our body can develop tolerance and reduce the response of our body when the nootropic supplement is used in the long term.

Therefore, we would recommend you to take the Onnit Alpha Brain smart pill occasionally. You can also consult your doctor or take professional help from a healthcare provider and take it in the prescribed amount.  

Alpha Brain Alternatives

Onnit Alpha Brain is a 100% natural, stimulant free, legal, and certified drug-free nootropic supplement. Yes, it is one of the best dietary supplements that are available in the market.  

However, there are a few alternatives to Alpha Brain that are equally potent and effective. In case Alpha Brain doesn’t suit you then here are some options to try.


Modafinil was originally used as an anti-narcoleptic drug to treat narcolepsy. It was a prescription drug that was sold only to people who were facing issues like sleep apnea, sleep disorders due to their work, and even ADHD [2].

However today Modafinil is a well-known nootropic supplement taken by healthy people as stimulants. It is a synthetic drug that has a neuroexcitatory effect. It stimulates the glutamate pathway and inhibits the formation of GABA in the posterior part of your brain.

Thus it helps to enhance focus, alertness, and concentration in individuals. It also supports quick learning and boosts working memory and flow state. Using Modafinil you can give your best at work for straight 10-12 hours.

Modafinil helps to treat fatigue, improve memory retention and overall productivity. Students who are looking to have a competitive edge over others and power through their work can enjoy laser-like focus, increased mental processing speed, heightened mood, and flow state with Modafinil [3].   

Mind Lab Pro

This next nootropic product is one bottle of magic and our personal favorite. Mind Lab Pro is one of the best and most popular brain supplements out there.

It is a dietary supplement packed with all the natural ingredients like Maritime Pine bark extract, Bacopa monnieri, citicoline, Alpha GPC, phosphatidylserine, L theanine, B vitamins, and more.

The 11 naturally potent ingredients include multi-vitamins and amino acids that work together to improve mental function [4].

When compared to the Alpha Brain, they have similar cognitive enhancing properties, however, Mind Lab Pro is stronger and its effects last longer. It promises extraordinary cognitive benefits like increase focus, mental energy, attention span, memory retention, along with a positive and happy mood. It works to optimize various brain functions and ensure efficient working.

It is a completely natural, organic, caffeine free, herbal supplement with zero side effects.   

Check out some more Alpha Brain Alternatives – Best Alpha Brain Alternatives | 7 Potent Nootropics

Alpha Brain Side Effects | Verdict

So we have talked about the various cognitive effects that taking Alpha Brain has.

To sum it up, Onnit Alpha Brain is an effective nootropic supplement that is best for beginners as well as students and professionals. It offers numerous health benefits and is completely safe. You even get the option to choose between Onnit Focus Blend and Onnit Flow Blend like different versions.  

It does propose some minor side effects but it also depends on individuals. However, there are no severe side effects, provided it is dosed properly.


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