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The world is becoming more and more demanding. And people are finally understanding the importance and effectiveness of nootropic supplements, power food, and pharmaceutical drugs.   

People who are new to nootropics usually get confused while buying these smart drugs.

Which nootropic substances are safe and effective?

Where to buy the mainstream nootropic supplements?

If you are also looking for answers to such questions then we have got you the complete guide to get your nootropics from one of the largest leaders in online shopping Amazon.

Nootropics are known to enhance learning ability, mood, memory, focus attention, thinking, and processing. They also help you deal with brain fog and mental fatigue enhancing the overall cognitive functions.

So let’s have a look at some of the best nootropics on Amazon that you can buy.   

Why Buy Nootropics on Amazon?

Once you have decided on the nootropic supplement you want to buy, the question arises from where you can get it.


Local stores are a convenient option, but they might not be selling every brand. On the other hand, Amazon marketplace is the ultimate store where you can find a large and growing selection of new products.

Also, Amazon offers a lot of nootropic supplements at a price lower than the actual price tagged by the supplement manufacturers.

Another advantage of buying nootropics on Amazon is that you can read customer reviews, and then decide on a product. This seems to be a difficult task to do in your local drug store.

With quick delivery options and easy returns, Amazon is definitely the best place to buy nootropics supplements. And if you have an active Amazon Prime account, then you can also enjoy free shipping and delivery.

Sounds great right? 

But before hitting the buy option make sure you have done your proper research.

However, if you are a little confused looking at the various nootropic cognitive enhancers out there, then we have got you covered.  

Check out our Nootropics Amazon buyer’s guide for the best buy.

Best Pre-Formulated Nootropic Supplements on Amazon

Nowadays the transformative power of various biohackers is combined together to form one nootropic stack. The different nootropic ingredients either have the same cognitive effect or have wider benefits. However, they work synergistically to provide maximum cognitive benefits.

So which is better, a multi-ingredient stack or a single pill? 

Let us know as we share a few pre-formulated brain health supplements on Amazon that are worth trying.

Mind Lab PRO

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is one of the best nootropics supplements available on Amazon. It targets way more than the standard brain pathways to reach peak mental performance.

Each Mind Lab Pro pill is an amalgamation of 11 multi-tasking nootropic ingredients that target the four main areas of brain function including memory, mental performance, cognition structure, and mindset.

Mind Lab Pro is composed of all natural ingredients like Bacopa monnieri, phosphatidylserine, Cognizin, citicoline, Lion’s Mane mushroom, B vitamins, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, and much more.

Citicoline and phosphatidylserine work together to boost memory, support brain cells’ energy, and a sharper mind.  Bacopa extract, on the other hand, enhance your thinking and learning ability and improve recall [1].

Within 30 minutes of taking Mind Lab Pro you will observe increased brain power, mental clarity, enhanced working memory, creativity, mental energy, and positive mood.   

It is an all natural, caffeine free, 100% vegan product that is safe, effective, and easily available on Amazon.


Another formula heavy on ingredients is Qualia Mind. It is fast acting nootropic that ensures enhanced overall cognitive performance.

It claims to boost focus, concentration, treat brain fog, increase brain energy levels, and cognitive health. Qualia Mind nootropic supplements deliver immediate effects.

It is also known for enhancing sleep quality. It is packed with massively powerful 28 ingredients, like Bacopa monnieri, Gingko Biloba, Rhodiola Rosea, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, L theanine, and much more. 

All these ingredients strengthen the brain’s function to focus, cause anxiety relief, respond to stress and provide a calming effect to the mind and body [2]. And the best part is you can easily get this amazing nootropic on Amazon. 

Genius Mushrooms Lions Mane

This next nootropic brand might sound new to you, but it brings you the nootropic properties in the form of capsule and powder.

There are different products that you will find on Amazon under the Genius Brand like Genius Consciousness, Genius Joy, Genius Mushrooms Lions Mane, Genius Mindfulness, and Genius Burn.

The name of all these products is self-descriptive. Genius Mushrooms Lions Mane, thus has Lions mane mushroom as its main ingredient.

The nootropic drug supports the brain in times of stress and provides relief. The mushroom blend provides mental energy and clarity to the individuals.

In addition to Lions Mane, it also includes Cordyceps and Reishi mushroom that has wider and different cognitive benefits. Cordyceps looks after the brain performance fighting depression, improving memory and sleep, and providing increased endurance and energy [3]. It even has a positive effect on your vision and lung function. 

Reishi, on the other hand, controls the aging process and supports brain health and cognitive performance.    

Onnit Alpha Brain

Onnit Alpha Brain

This next brain booster is from Onnit called Alpha Brain. It is also a popular name amongst nootropic enthusiasts.

Alpha Brain aims to provide cognitive benefits to its users without involving any kind of synthetic stimulant or caffeine in its formulation.

It includes all the Earth Grown ingredients and thus this natural design structure is more accepted than the other lab synthesized nootropic supplements.

According to a study, Alpha Brain showed a promising effect on the verbal recall and memory, and executive functioning of individuals [4].

Onnit Alpha Brain’s working mechanism is a bit different from the other cognitive enhancers on the list. It works to increase the production of alpha brain waves, which in turn enhances the organizational capability of the brain.  

One Alpha Brain capsule contains L Tyrosine, L Theanine, phosphatidylserine, Bacopa monnieri, Alpha GPC, Oat Straw extract like nootropic ingredients that work to optimize mental processing speed and brain performance.

Onnit is one of the best established supplement companies and a best seller on Amazon.  

Alpha GPC and Uridine Stack

Nootropics interact with neurotransmitters like acetylcholine that are involved in various cognitive functions like memory, motivation, and learning. Alpha GPC increases the level of acetylcholine in our body and brain and is considered to be the best choline source [5].

You can either take them individually or combine them with other nootropics like Uridine to form a powerful stack.

Uridine monophosphate is a powerful cognitive enhancer known to improve energy, mood, memory and decrease stress and anxiety [6]. It works even well when combined with CDP choline or fish oil.

These two ingredients nootropic stack has shown significant improvements in memory, learning, focus, mood, and anxiety.    

It is thus one of the popular nootropics stacks that you can get in the Amazon marketplace. 

ZHOU Neuro Peak Brain Support Supplement

This next nootropic drug is an Amazon favorite. Neuro Peak by ZHOU nutrition can be easily found in the local markets and on Amazon as well.

It is a scientifically formulated stack that aims to support cognitive functions like focus, memory, and mental clarity.

Looking for a nootropic for mood support? 

Then go for Neuro Peak which supports the decline in mood and enhances it, de-stresses and energizes the mind, and helps in staying focused.

It also includes ingredients with high cognition enhancing powers like Bacopa monnieri, Ginkgo biloba, phosphatidylserine Vitamin B12, DMAE, and more. 

Nootropic stacks are more effective when compared to individual nootropic supplements and so you can combine your Neuro Peak pills with other products as well.  

Brain Supplement Nootropics Booster

Another high quality nootropic that targets the brain and cognitive abilities via nutritional supplementation is Brain Supplement Nootropics Booster. Its various nootropic ingredients work towards the betterment of memory, alertness, focus, and mental clarity.

The booster claims to help individuals suffering from distractions, boost their mood, and the negative effects of mental fog.   

It includes high quality ingredients from herbal components to vitamins and minerals. Professionally formulated, Brain Booster is free from gluten, hormones, and other stimulants.

Genius Consciousness – Super Nootropic Brain Booster Supplement 

Genius Consciousness by the Genius brand is a superb nootropic brain booster supplement.

This psychiatric drug is known to fight brain fog and confusion and provide mental clarity. Genius has introduced various products aiming at specific cognitive functions. Genius Consciousness, as the name, suggests works on focus and cognitive performance.

It is packed with cognitive enhancing supplements like Huperzine A, phosphatidylserine, tyrosine, Lions Mane mushroom, Alpha-GPC, and caffeine.

Acetyl L-Carnitine is one of the major ingredients that play a great role in the production of energy and metabolism. It acts as an antioxidant and protects the brain [7].    

You will find different pre formulated nootropic stacks under the same brand, and you can purchase them separately to improve brain health and enjoy its comprehensive effect.

However, one downside of Genius Consciousness is that it includes caffeine as well as methylliberine, a unique yet risky ingredient.     

Nooflow Nootropic Brain Booster Supplement

Nooflow Nootropic Brain Booster supplement is another cognitive enhancer that you will find on Amazon. Its groundbreaking formula contains about 14 potent herbal adaptogens, multi-vitamins, amino acids, choline derivatives, BDNF that are proven to boost brain health and cognitive performance.

The Nooflow stack aims to provide instant focus, mental clarity, enhancing the learning ability and fueling the individual with joy, optimism, and positivity.    

It supports memory, learning, and thinking ability and gets your brain firing to give its optimum performance. 

Neuro Health – Brain and Focus Formula

Nature’s Craft introduced a Neuro Health nootropic supplement to improve memory clear thinking and aid in overall cognitive health.

It is a versatile product with an impressive number of effective and powerful ingredients.

B vitamins, grape fruit seed extract, DMAE, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Cinnamon Bark Extract, Bacopa monnieri are some of the active ingredients of its proprietary blend. It also includes some complimentary, inactive constituents like silicon dioxide, rice flour, magnesium state, and cellulose.

This rich blend of compounds supports brain health and cognitive functions like short term and long term memory, focus, concentration, learning, and mental clarity.    

Neuro Health is said to be a vegan friendly, organic, consisting of 100% natural and herbal supplements, but ensure you take the prescribed quantity to prevent the side effects.


Nootropic supplements are talk of the town and quite in demand. 

And Amazon is a great place to find the growing selection of nootropic companies. There are various products out there that promise to support your nervous system and promise the overall optimized brain performance and cognitive enhancement. 

While Amazon customer reviews can help you make the best buying decision, if you are still confused, then we hope that our guide to the top 10 Amazon nootropics will help you. 

It includes products from both well-known nootropic companies and newly founded companies. 

We hope you get your hands on the best nootropic on Amazon and at the best price.


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