Best Nootropics, Smart Drugs, and Brain Supplements of 2021

Best Nootropics, Smart Drugs, and Brain Supplements of 2021

Nootropics are dietary supplements that are formulated to boost brain function and cognitive performance.

They are rightly termed smart drugs as they are packed with brain boosting ingredients that improve memory, learning capability, creativity, productivity, motivation, and other cognitive abilities.

In today’s world, you need to have an edge over others and perform your best in every field. And if you are struggling to concentrate and focus on your work, facing confusion, or your productivity is declining then maybe you should consider taking brain supplements.

Now there is a wide range of nootropics supplements out there, and choosing the right one can be difficult.

But do not worry, as we have done proper research and got you the best nootropics, smart drugs, and brain supplements of 2021.

Whether you are a student or professional, an athlete or an entrepreneur, it is time to improve your brain function and overall mental performance with some of the best nootropic supplements out there.

The 7 Best Nootropics in 2021

Nootropics and smart drugs promise to provide an impressive number of benefits to their users in a short period of their consumption. However, while all of them claim to be the best, and offer almost similar benefits, picking one can still be difficult.

Check out the review of our favorite nootropics below. I’m sure this will definitely help you make your choice.  

#1 Mind Lab Pro: Most Effective Nootropic on the Market

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is one of the ruling brain supplements in the nootropics industry. This over-the-counter psychiatric drug is manufactured by one of the established dietary supplement producers called Opti-Nutra.

It is one of the most effective nootropics that proved to be effective against anxiety and brain fog.

Mind Lab Pro claims to unlock 100% brainpower and has managed to be a complete brain optimizer working on all brain areas. Unlike other nootropics that follow a narrow spectrum approach, Mind Lab Pro targets various brain pathways enhancing all cognitive functions.

It is packed with 11 nootropic ingredients that work synergistically to ensure optimal cognitive performance. All these ingredients are natural and highly potent.

Its ingredients include Lion’s Mane mushroom, citicoline, Rhodiola rosea, phosphatidylserine, B Vitamins, L theanine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Bacopa monneiri, and Maritime Pine bark extract. All these ingredients together make a powerful and effective nootropic stack.

This cognitive enhancer designed with ingredients like L theanine has shown impressive benefits like improved memory recall and retention, mood, energy levels, motivation and drive with a boost in physical and mental performance [1].

#2 Performance Lab Mind: Best Smart Drug for Brain Health

The next brain boosting enhancer on our list of best nootropics, smart drugs, and brain supplements of 2021 is Performance Lab Mind.   

It is the perfect brain supplement for those students who are thinking to pull an all-nighter one day before the exam. It boosts brain performance, energy, motivation, focus, and memory retention.

It is an incredible, pre formulated nootropic supplement consisting of four natural ingredients. It is packed with citicoline, Maritime Pine bark extract, L Tyrosine, and phosphatidylserine that optimize brain function, resist burnout and stress, and helps in recovery from mental exertion.

They are completely natural and plant based capsules. This nootropic enhances neural regeneration for mental clarity and long term cognitive health.

Individuals taking Performance Lab Mind have observed improved focus and mood within hours of taking the product. You can combine it with other dietary supplements to make an insanely healthy and potent nootropic stack.   

#3 Noocube: Best Nootropics for Memory


Noocube nootropic supplement is sold by Wolfson Berg Ltd. Its brain booster formula is formulated by neuroscientists, and so we can say that this formula includes nootropic ingredients that are tested, researched, and clinically backed.

 Noocube is known to be one of the best nootropics for memory, enhancing work endurance and multitasking ability, focus, mental clarity, and other cognitive functions.

It is packed with vitamins, amino acids like L Theanine and L Tyrsoine, and cognition enhancing substituents like Bacopa monneiri, Huperzine A, Oat Straw, and Alpha Glyceryl Phosphorylcholine.

Its powerful ingredients ensure enhanced concentration, short term memory, and mental energy, and upgraded cognitive function [2]. The combination of herbs and amino acids creates synergy with zero side effects.

According to its users, it is one of the best smart drugs for working under stressful conditions and overall productivity.   

Its mechanism of action includes targeting the neurotransmitters and the repair and growth of neurons. For best results, two capsules are recommended with breakfast.  

#4 Hunter Focus: Top-Rated Brain Supplement for Focus and Productivity

The next nootropic is Hunter Focus and the first thing that you will notice is the pretty bottle in which it comes.

Yes, the brand definitely gets full marks for its packaging.

Now let us move to its formula and cognitive benefits its offer. Hunter Focus aims at the cognitive health of people above the age of 30. It fights the various barriers of old age that affect productivity, memory retention, focus, and mood.

As the name suggests, Hunter Focus claims to provide you with the focus of a hunter. It combines nine powerful ingredients that enhance your ability to focus and concentrate.

According to its manufacturer, as the computer needs fuel to perform at full power, Hunter Focus is the fuel our brain uses to perform various pathways and cognitive functions.

The nine ingredients include L theanine, citicoline, Maritime Pine bark extract, Lion’s Mane mushroom, Bacopa monnieri, and phosphatidylserine.

Consisting of all natural ingredients if you are looking for a nootropic stack for focus and productivity, elevated brain energy, mood, and creativity then go for Hunter Focus.  

#5 Brain Pill: Most Powerful Nootropic or Entrepreneurs

Brain Pill is another well-known nootropic that was designed to clear brain fog. It is known to be one of the best smart drugs for entrepreneurs as it ensures peak mental performance.

As compared to stimulants which lead to crashes, Brain Pill’s formula aims to optimize brain function without causing any serious side effects.

As it helps you during brain fog and mental fatigue, its ingredients also help you bolster memory and improve learning abilities.   

All its ingredients are completely natural and clean. It includes B vitamins like Vitamin B12, tyrosine Huperzine A, Bacopa monneiri, Rhodiola rosea, Ginkgo biloba, citicoline, and DHA complex.

If you have a job that requires you to concentrate for hours then Brain Pill is for you. And when you are an entrepreneur, all you need is to get that mental energy, thinking ability, stamina, and the ability to fight mental fatigue and improve memory recall.

#6 Modafinil


Another powerful smart drug that is recommended by experts all over is Modafinil. This nootropic supplement is suitable for every person from student to professional.

It offers cognition enhancing benefits without any side effects. Yes, it offers some impressive cognitive benefits like 12 to 15 hours of hyper focus, improved mood, recall, memory retention well-being, and heightened brain energy levels, and overall cognition [3].

According to some studies, the use of Modafinil has reduced the feeling of fatigue and cause memory improvement.

When taken in small and prescribed doses, there are low chances of dependence and addiction.

If you are looking for a quick enhance in executive functioning, then Modafinil is a safe option.

#7 Qualia Mind


Qualia Mind was introduced by the Neurohacker Collection after doing deep research. This smart drug aims to take care of your brain health for both short and long term.

In comparison to the other nootropics mentioned above, Qualia Mind is made up of a total of 28 natural ingredients. Now that is a massive number.

It includes vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, herbal tonics, adaptogens, and various constituents with nootropic properties. Also, you can select whether you want the caffeinated or the de-caffeinated version.

Just like the other nootropics, Qualia Mind also supports your neural pathways and improves cerebral function.

Each capsule is known to boost energy, focus, mental clarity, willpower, creativity, and memory of individuals. This brain supplement is completely natural, with zero side effects [4]. It does not include any synthetics or natural stimulant in its formula.

However, one downside of Qualia Mind can come as one of the most expensive nootropic supplements on the list.

Smart Drug for Beginners

If you are new to nootropics and smart drugs and on a tight budget, then here are some alternatives to the nootropics introduced by the established nootropic companies.

These smart drugs are perfect for beginners as they are not so powerful but yet provide the cognitive boost which is required.

So let us have a quick look at the two most popular smart drugs for beginners.  

Black Coffee

We all would agree that caffeine is the first drug that we have tried. Yeah, technically we cannot label it as a drug, but you just cannot refuse that it is highly addictive.

Coffee is considered to be the world’s original smart drug.

And we all know the little cognitive boost it gives us. Whenever you are feeling low on energy or sleepy, just have a cup of coffee, and boom!       

Coffee gives your mind the kick to stay fresh and focused. It is just the right cognitive enhancement you need during the day. And the best part is you can have an extra cup whenever you want without worrying or feeling guilty.

Caffeine basically exerts its effects on vigilance, alertness, attention, reaction time, and wakefulness like cognitive functions. However, its effect on memory retention and other higher order executive function involving brain cells are pretty low [5].

You can combine it with other substances to form a strong nootropic stack. 

Nicotine Gum

This might sound weird, but nicotine too has got strong properties to enhance cognitive abilities.

We definitely do not recommend the use of tobacco or smoking cigarettes, but the use of nicotine gums has shown immense cognitive benefits. It improves focus, attention span, elevates fine motor skills, enhances working memory, and even works to better the episodic memory functions [6].

And the best part is you do not have to smoke a cigarette for the cognitive benefits. Nowadays, nicotine gums are available that you can easily chew while going to work, or during rush hours.

Did you know studies have proved that chewing nicotine gum has shown better fluidity and handwriting [7]?

Chewing nicotine gums has the same cognitive effect with no major health risk involved. And if you are trying to quit smoking then the use of nicotine gums is still justified.

What are Nootropics?

We have discussed the best nootropics, smart drugs, and brain supplements of 2021, along with the best smart drugs for beginners.

But do you know what are these smart drugs, and how did they gain popularity?

Nootropics are powders or pills that enhance cognition in a brief amount of time. They are like steroids of the brain cells.

They can be drugs or supplements or any substance having the ability to improve cognitive function. 

While books and media have always talked about cognitive enhancers that boost brain activity, the question is are they really effective.

You do not become a genius overnight, but it does have a positive effect on your brain cells and long-term brain health.

It offers a myriad of cognitive benefits from improving memory, recall, focus, enhancing motivation, and your sense of well-being and mood. They improve the overall mental performance and output and productivity of individuals [8].     

In short, these are supplements that make humans smart, hence known as smart drugs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Nootropic Supplements

There are so many brands and types of nootropics available that choosing the one that suits you and your body can be a tough task.

What might be effective for your friend might not be the best option for you. So to help you make the right decision here are some factors that you can consider.


The first factor to consider when choosing the nootropic supplement is the ingredients it contains.

The nootropic supplements are made up of a variety of constituents that have brain performance boosting properties. While some might have 11 ingredients some may have more than 20.

However, while looking at the list of ingredients pay attention to the quality and potency of the ingredients. Also, check the label on the container to know about the concentration/milligram and the probable source of all the constituents.


Stimulants are known to have an immediate and positive effect on our overall performance. But the use of stimulants is not always recommended.

A high quality nootropic supplement will not include stimulants like caffeine that are addictive and can cause side effects. Instead of using smart drugs containing caffeine, we would recommend you to have a cup of coffee.

Always check the label for composition and choose products with natural ingredients that aim to boost brainpower.


Another factor that is very important to consider is efficacy and safety. A lot of products can include preservatives, genetically modified organisms, and artificial colors. These substances can cause harm to your health and so check the formula on the label to be sure before taking it.

Also, if you are allergic to any food item like dairy, nuts or soy then do check out for such ingredients as well. Also, look out for caution warnings if you are amongst the sensitive group.

Product Guarantee

If you are new to nootropics and a bit skeptical about using these products, then you can start with a brand that offers money back guarantee.

So if after trying a particular supplement for a period of time you do not want to continue, you can ask for a refund.


Price should be considered as the last factor to be considered when choosing a brain supplement, as the quality of the product is more important.

There are a wide number of nootropic supplements available out there, from the cheapest to the most expensive one. While the cheapest product on the list can contain poor quality products, the expensive ones can create a hole in your pocket.

We would recommend you to stick to our list, as they consist of highly researched, high-quality ingredients and reasonable price.  

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Natural Nootropic Ingredients for Improving Cognitive Function

The nootropic supplements are formulated with natural ingredients that enhance cognitive performance. Chemical and stimulant free substances prove to be the best nootropic supplements for overall cognitive health.

Here are a few natural nootropics ingredients that you can include to form your own nootropic stack.


The most widely used psychoactive substance all over the world is caffeine. While it is not recommended to consume a supplement containing caffeine, you can always go for a cup of coffee.  

Caffeine is found naturally in cocoa beans, coffee, guarana, and kola nuts. You can either take it individually or in combination with other supplements. Caffeine provides you with the required energy and makes you less tired as it blocks the adenosine receptors in your brain [9].

It increases attention and alertness in individuals as it decreases the reaction time. If you are facing frequent fatigue, then a low to moderate caffeine intake will do your work.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion’s Mane mushroom has long been used in traditional medicines as it aids in the formation of new brain cells.

It directs the formation of both nerve growth hormones and nerve growth factor which is helpful in the production and repair process of neurons. This helps in the fast and effective working of the brain [10].     

According to studies, the Lions Mane mushroom also controls blood flow, slows down cognitive decline and helps individuals deal with depression and anxiety.


L-Theanine is also a well-known naturally occurring amino acid that can be taken as an individual supplement. It is found commonly in tea.

L-Theanine works by giving a calming effect without causing drowsiness. Even if you take two cups of brewed tea, then you will be able to observe an increase in creativity as alpha waves are being produced in the brain [11].

You can combine this amino acid with caffeine to form an effective nootropic stack and get better performance enhancing results.

Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa monnieri is one universal natural nootropics ingredient that is found in almost every brain supplement. It is an ancient herbal supplement that was used in Ayurvedic medicine to enhance cognitive abilities and improve brain function.     

Studies have shown that Bacopa monnieri leaf extract pace up the processing speed, improves memory, and reduces reaction time.

In times of oxidative stress, bacosides one of the active compounds of Bacopa monnieri protects the nervous system by restoring brain chemicals and improving the brain area related to memory processing [12].

However, it doesn’t show immediate effect and you have to take it for several months to get maximum benefit.

Rhodiola rosea

Another natural nootropics herb that helps you resist and adapt to periods of stress and anxiety.

Rhodiola rosea root extract is an aid to reduce the mental fatigue and brain fog that comes associated with a lot of work and burnout situations. For students or professionals who work under pressure, Rhodiola rosea provides a feeling of well-being [13].

Panax ginseng

The roots of Panax ginseng plant have medicinal properties that improve brain function. It helps you during the time of mental fatigue, improving your mental and physical performance [14].

Though the right mechanism is not known, it is considered that its anti-inflammatory properties might be protecting you from oxidative stress.

Also, it is claimed that our body can adapt to the use of ginseng and so you might not observe beneficial changes after its use for a few months.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba has shown positive effects on brain health. Supplements containing Ginkgo biloba improve mental processing, memory, and mood. In times of stress, biloba also reduce blood pressure and stress-level hormone [15].   

It boosts brain power and reduces inflammation which increases the blood flow through the nervous system that helps you complete high powered tasks efficiently.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Another plant-derived ingredient with powerful nootropic properties is Maritime Pine bark extract.

Its antioxidant properties are considered to be more effective than Vitamin C.

Interesting right?

The extract works as antioxidant reducing oxidation and the cellular aging process. It maintains your brain structures, maximizing and optimizing its function.

CDP choline

CDP choline is better known as Citicoline. The presence of this compound in your nootropic is equivalent to the power of 4 smart drugs.

Yes, citicoline converts into three other substances with nootropic properties i.e., uridine, phosphatidylcholine, and choline.

In adults, it boosts brain power and treats memory impairment and cognitive decline issues, while in younger people it improves memory skills.

And the best part is you can combine it with both tyrosine and phosphatidyltyrosine to get maximum health benefits.

Vitamin B12

Amongst the various B Vitamins, Vitamin B12 has a long list of varied benefits.  From providing mental energy to boosting mood and focus, Vitamin B12 supports various cognitive functions.

It even contributes to maintaining the brain size and preventing it from shrinking.

Why Do People Take Nootropic Supplements?

Nootropics have a positive effect on our brain performance and health. It gives you the energy, helps you focus, and makes you feel smart and confident.

It has effects on both physiological and psychological functions like-

Brain Health

Nootropics definitely target different areas of your brain, helps in the improvement of blood flow and enhance different cognitive abilities. It even supports the underlying health of your brain.

Nootropic supplements provide each brain cell with the required vitamins and nutrients it needs to maintain optimal brain function and health.

Improve Mental Performance

Studies have shown that nootropics play a very important role to improve mental performance. Just like a cup of coffee helps in kick starting your day, nootropic supplements provide you with the focus and support to start the day.

Short Term Memory

Has it ever happened with you that you forgot the name of your colleague, or entered a room and can’t remember why you went there? It means your short-term memory is weak and so nootropics can save you from embarrassing yourself in such life situations.

Studies have shown that nootropic substances help improve memory and enhance focus. Know more about some well-known nootorpics for memory and focus.

Focus and Productivity

There are various nootropic ingredients that are known to boost focus and productivity. Nootropic substances like citicoline are involved in the synthesis of neurotransmitters like acetylcholine responsible for cognitive enhancement.


In addition to enhancing brain function and brain performance, nootropics also act as a mood booster. If you are not feeling yourself or you are not able to concentrate, then nootropics help you to stay focused and motivated. It boosts your mood when depressed or sad, which in turn improves brain performance.  


Nootropic supplements are a great aid in improving the learning ability of individuals. It helps you to stay focused and work on your memory, helping you remember things easily. Your performance in multiple fields is enhanced.

Are Nootropics Safe and Do They Have Side Effects?

It is important to ask the question- “Are nootropics safe to use?” before starting with the supplements.

Are only natural nootropics supplement safe? Do synthetic nootropics have side effects?

If you are also wondering about all these questions, then you are not wrong.

Actually, the answer is quite simple. All the nootropic products that are mentioned above are safe provided you use them responsibly.

All these products promise a massive number of benefits and cognitive enhancement. They include powerful ingredients and so not everybody responds to them positively.

Thus you can face mild to severe side effects. While a majority of nootropic users experience headaches and stomach issues, it is not essential.

One trick that will help you keep the mild side effects at bay is staying hydrated. While you are taking smart drugs make sure you drink enough water.  

How much do Nootropics Cost?

Just like the wide range of nootropics, you will find on the shelf, their price too covers a broad range.

For the nootropics listed above, all of them fall between $39 and $69. This is the cost of the nootropics supply for a month.

And if you are sure of the supplement you are committing to, then you can stock the multiple bottles and avail a substantial discount.

How to Use Smart Pills?

Every smart pill is different. They are of different concentrations and efficacy.

Yes, the dose of every pill differs. For most brain supplements, you need either one or two doses. You will find all the instructions of the dose required that comes with the bottle.

Read the instructions carefully.

While some brands recommend you to take the pill with your breakfast, while others suggest you take it with your meal or any food item that includes MCT oil, fat or Omega 3 fatty acid supplements. Combining the smart pills with food items helps with easy and fast absorption of the drug increasing its overall effectiveness.

Who Should Consider Taking Nootropic Supplements?

Today, we face competition everywhere. Every field demands you to be more than perfect. Our lives are becoming more hectic, and so we need supplements that not only help us get through the day but also give us an edge over others.

So the answer to your question, who should consider taking nootropic supplements is- All of us.

Yes, everyone can benefit from smart drugs and nootropic supplements. Our life is getting tougher day by day, and nootropic pills can help you improve in a variety of ways. They make learning easier, boost memory, concentration, focus, and a lot more benefits.

The Bottom Line

Nootropics are natural and synthetic substances that are often prescribed to enhance mental function.

We have got you the complete guide to the best nootropics, smart drugs and brain supplements of 2021 and our Mind Lab Pro is our top pick.

It has all the premium ingredients that make its advanced formula with worldwide appeal.

Go through all the nootropic supplements and look into the ways how they work and what they target. We hope that our article will help you make the right choice and achieve your goals.

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