Brainzyme Focus Pro Review – Does it Work?

Brainzyme review

Nootropics have become all the rage as of late. The demand for nootropics has increased and it’s clear that the demand is only going to get higher. Because of this, there have been a ton of random nootropics that have been appearing on the market. 

Some of these are high-quality nootropic substances that do their job well, while others just don’t work. In this article we’re going to introduce you to a quality nootropic that is becoming more popular by the day, Brainzyme. This supplement contains all-natural ingredients and has been scientifically tested. In short, Brainzyme is a nootropic that actually works. 

But how exactly do Nootropics work? 

These substances change the way your brain functions. They increase blood flow to the brain, increase the production of some beneficial neurotransmitters and improve the overall health of the brain. We all live hectic lives and sometimes a simple cup of coffee just doesn’t cut it Nootropics help you to get rid of that exhaustion. 

Now that you know how these substances work, let’s take a closer look at Brainzyme focus pro. 

What is Brainzyme Focus Pro?

brainzyme focus pro

Brainzyme is a nootropic that was created by Better Nutritional Science, a brand that has experience creating natural brain supplements. In 2016, this supplement became the first natural nootropic supplement that was sold and made in the UK. 

The UK has a ton of strict rules that govern what supplements are allowed to contain. In order to comply with all these rules, Brainzyme was created with natural ingredients that were tested and safe to use. This supplement has been thoroughly tested and is in accordance with all the standards of the British Department of Health. 

But that’s not all, Brainzyme offers way more than the average nootropic supplement. This supplement keeps your brain healthy, focused and also improves cognitive functioning. 

The formula of this nootropic also has a ton of vitamins and minerals to keep your entire body healthy. It also contains probiotics that help to keep your gut healthy.

So how is this nootropic able to do this? To figure that out, let’s look at the ingredients. 

Brainzyme Focus Pro Ingredients

Better Nutritional Science is a company that specializes in creating natural supplements that do their job well. The way that they do this is by combining natural superfoods with their own custom blend of vitamins and minerals to give their customers a quality supplement. 

This formula contains a ton of ingredients but Theanine, Guarana Seeds, Choline, Ginkgo Biloba, and L-Tyrosine are the main ingredients. 

 brainzyme focus pro ingredients


Green tea is a well-known remedy for stress and that is all due to the presence of this substance. Theanine is a substance that acts as an antioxidant in the body. It has been shown to reduce stress, improve mental clarity and boost the overall cognition of a person[1]. 

Brainzyme focus pro uses a patented form of theanine known as Enhanced Matcha Theanine(EMT) that was specially crafted for this supplement. EMT is extremely powerful which makes it an ideal addition to this supplement. 


Guarana is a plant found in Brazil that has been used in health supplements for a long time. It was commonly used to brew energy drinks, similar to coffee. The extract from the seeds of this plant contains a stimulant that is ideal for boosting brain energy. This double-blind trial showed that a small dose of guarana can improve the cognitive performance of a person[2]. 


One of the most important substances in our body is a little-known nutrient known as choline. This substance is crucial in the development of our brains, our liver, and other parts of our body as well[3]. It is also a precursor of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that helps with muscle control. This ingredient can improve the health of your entire body and not just your brain.


This plant is a popular ingredient in ancient medicine and for good reason. The compounds that are in this plant help to increase blood flow to various parts of the brain[4]. This helps to bring more nutrients and oxygen to the brain which can boost your productivity. Gingko Biloba also has a neuroprotective effect. 


Like theanine, L-tyrosine is a common substance in many popular nootropic supplements. It is an amino acid found in our body that is associated with brain energy. L-tyrosine helps to enhance the cognitive function of your brain while also getting rid of fatigue and tiredness[5]. Unlike caffeine which can cause you to have a caffeine crash, tyrosine can be used regularly without any issues. 


It also contains many other ingredients that support and enhance the main ingredients. Some of the minerals are magnesium, iron, zinc and iodine. All of these minerals are used in a variety of processes in our bodies.

It also contains vitamins like vitamin C which is an essential vitamin. Although you might know that vitamin C is useful you may not realize that vitamin C deficiency has been linked to cognitive decline and mood disparities[6]. Brainzyme also contains Vitamin B1, B5, B6 and B9. This family of vitamins is essential in brain health[7]. Their neuroprotective abilities allow them to keep your brain in the best shape possible. 

The website at Brainzyme has a list of all the quantities of the ingredients and a ton of useful additional information as well. 

Does Brainzyme Focus Pro Work? – How?

The short answer to this question is yes, this supplement works extremely well. There are plenty of positive testimonials from a wide variety of people that can be found online and in our experience, we can confirm that Brainzyme is one of the top performers on the market. 

The formula of this supplement has quality ingredients that are tried and tested. Although the cognitive effects aren’t as powerful as Modafinil, they are perfect for anyone who just wants a boost to help them get through the day without feeling exhausted. 

Now let’s look at some specific benefits that the Brainzyme focus pro provides. 

Brainzyme Focus Pro Benefits

  • Increased focus and a wider attention span

Ever have those moments when you start to wander and end up wasting a ton of time? Then this supplement is for you. Brainzyme has ingredients like theanine that help to keep your brain right on track. This increases your ability to work on one subject for long periods of time. 

  • Memory retention

We all tend to forget things every once in a while and this supplement can help with that. Because of the fact that Brainzyme helps your focus and clear your mind, it can also improve your ability to recognize and remember things better. 

  • Relaxes your mind

This supplement contains theanine and L-tyrosine which are two of the best nootropic supplements for relaxation. Taking a few of these pills can give you mental clarity and destress your mind. Certain ingredients like vitamin C can also improve your mood and keep you feeling fresh all day long. 

  • Gives you energy. 

When you start to feel exhausted it makes it impossible to complete any work and that’s where Brainzyme can help. Guarana seeds in particular are excellent for giving your body an energy boost and keeping you alert. Coffee can only do so much and having a bit of extra energy can be a great benefit. 

  • Keeps your body healthy. 

Brainzyme contains a wide variety of nutrients and minerals that improve your overall health. This supplement contains probiotics that keep your gut healthy and other nutrients which are crucial for your body. This is quite unique because most nootropic supplements don’t provide beneficial effects for the entire body. 

Nothing is perfect so next, let’s look at a list of a few downsides that this supplement has.  

Any Downsides to Brainzyme Focus Pro?

In order to make an informed decision about this product, it’s important to take a look at the downsides of this supplement. 

  • Certain other nootropics provide more cognitive benefits. 

The formulation of this supplement was created to keep your body and mind healthy. The ingredients contain compounds that work on your entire body. Some other supplements like Mind Lab Pro have ingredients that have more cognitive effects. If you’re looking for a supplement that is focused entirely on cognitive functioning then you might need to look elsewhere. 

  • It’s not very powerful. 

Like most natural supplements, Brainzyme is not very potent. This is mainly due to the fact that natural ingredients are not quite as powerful as synthetic drugs. For example, a drug like Modafinil can give you around 12+ hours of productivity. On the other hand, Brainzyme can give you around 6 to 8 hours of productivity. However, natural supplements are perfect for daily use. 

Brainzyme Side Effects | What You MUST Know

This supplement doesn’t have any major side effects because of the fact that only natural ingredients are included in this supplement. 

Thus as long as you’re sticking to the recommended amount then you’re probably not going to face any side effects. 

However, there are a few rare side effects that you must take before buying this supplement. 

  • Headaches: Some individuals that are prone to getting headaches might face this side effect with a few nootropics. To figure out if you’re one of those people, try taking a single pill instead of the recommended dosage of two and check how you feel after a couple of hours.
  • Stomach Ache: Some people have quite a sensitive gut and there is a chance that you might experience a stomach upset. Do keep that in mind before taking this product.
  • Insomnia: Many of the ingredients in this product help to increase energy levels and boost motivation. Therefore if you take this supplement in the evening or before going to bed then you’re likely not going to be able to sleep for some time. We recommend taking one dose in the morning along with your cup of coffee before you start work. 

How to Use Brainzyme – Its intended uses and dosages?

It is recommended that you take around 2 to 3 pills a day depending on what works. Additionally, Brainzyme is a natural supplement that is not a stimulant. If you’ve had issues with other nootropics in the past then you might want to give this a go, to see if it works better for you. 

Brainzyme Focus Pro vs Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is one of the top-selling nootropics on the market currently. It is a universal nootropic that prides itself on its ability to work for anyone at any time. But how does it stack up against Brainzyme? 

All in all both of these supplements are highly effective and work well. There is no clear winner between these supplements so choose the one that fits best with your lifestyle. 

If you want a supplement that boosts creativity and helps you think quicker then Mind Lab Pro is for you. On the other hand, Brainzyme increases your energy, relaxes your mind, and helps you work consistently. 

Brainzyme Focus Pro vs Adderall

Adderall is a common medication for ADHD that is also used as a nootropic. However, Adderall was not created to be used in this manner and can be quite risky to use. If you have too much Adderall it can cause harmful side effects and negatively affect your health. 

Brainzyme was created to be a nootropic substance that is used on a daily basis. Therefore this makes it a much better choice. It can be termed as the perfect adderall alternative.

BEST Brainzyme Focus Pro Discount Code

Although there are no discount codes for this product they do offer an affiliate link.

The way it works is you can sign up to recommend their product and get a small discount on your purchases. Find more information about this on their website

Brainzyme Focus Pro: Pricing and Where to Buy

The typical price of Brainzyme is $40 for two packs that contain 30 capsules each. Two packs will last you for around a month so this price is a bit steep. There are packages available to reduce the price a bit so we recommend using those. 

You can buy this supplement straight from the manufacturer or from other online stores like Amazon. 

Can You Buy Brainzyme focus pro on Amazon?

Yes, you can definitely buy Brainzyme from Amazon. However, the quantities on Amazon are quite limited so you’ll need to grab it as quickly as possible. For that reason, we recommend buying straight from the manufacturer itself


Is Brainzyme focus pro legit?

This supplement has been tested and approved by the British Department of Health. Therefore you can be sure that it works well. 

Is Brainzyme focus pro the best?

Everyone has their own preferences so it’s up to you to decide what nootropic is best for you. Brainzyme is meant for people who want a daily nootropic that is not harsh but still helps them to be more productive. 

How long does it take for Brainzyme focus pro to work?

Generally, it takes around an hour and a half for the effects to fully set in. This will depend on how your body works. For some people, the time might be less and for others, it might take longer. We recommend taking one with your morning coffee to get the best results. 

Brainzyme Focus Pro | The Verdict

brainzyme focus pro

After looking at all the pros and cons of this supplement as well as the reviews of other users online we can conclude that this product is highly effective. 

Brainzyme gives you consistent cognitive benefits that last for quite a while. It can also increase focus, reduce stress, anxiety and help ward off fatigue. The ingredients are high-quality and that is probably why this supplement works so well. 

It is also unique because of the fact that this nootropic can improve the health of your entire body by providing some essential nutrients. 

To sum it up, this supplement may not be as powerful as Modafinil and other nootropic drugs, it works extremely well as a natural nootropic. If you’re looking for a quality nootropic that works consistently on a daily basis then Brainzyme is for you. 


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