Neuro Peak Review | Best Pre-Made Nootropic or Scam?

Neuro Peak Review

Lately, nootropics have become all the rage. There are hundreds of the product on the market which makes it difficult to pick just one. Companies are also eager to get their product in the spotlight and because of this, it can be tough to figure out whether a nootropic actually works. 

That’s where this article might be able to give you a bit of a helping hand.

We’ve looked at a ton of different nootropics and it is clear that in order to get the best results, you need to choose a nootropic that is meant for your body. That’s why today we’ve going to look at one of the most effective and useful nootropics on the market, Neuro Peak. 

This natural nootropic is extremely versatile and can be used in a lot of different situations. It boosts mental clarity, increases brain energy and also improves your memory. But is this product the right one for you?

To help you answer that question, we will give you a comprehensive rundown of everything you need to know about Neuro Peak. We’ll give you a rundown of all the ingredients, look at some of the pros and cons of the product and we’ll also compare Neuro Peak to some of the top-selling nootropics on the market. 

Let’s start at the very top. 

What Is Neuro-Peak?

This powerful nootropic was created by a company that is well-versed with creating natural dietary supplements. Neuro Peak was made by Zhou Nutrition and is one of their most popular products. Zhou Nutrition ensures that all its products are made with natural ingredients that work well. They perform extensive tests on all their supplements to make sure that they are safe to use. 

Zhou Nutrition has an amazing grasp on making quality natural supplements, which is probably why Neuro Peak is so effective. This is a natural nootropic that boosts memory retention, increases mental clarity, and improves cognition. The formula of this supplement has tried and tested nootropic ingredients such as Bacopa monnieri, Ginkgo biloba, Phosphatidylserine, Vitamin B12, and Rhodiola Rosea.

If you’re just looking for a daily boost of energy that gives you the motivation you need to get through the day, then Neuro-Peak is for you.

Now let’s look at the ingredients that you will find in this nootropic. 

Neuro-Peak Ingredients 

The heart of a nootropic is its ingredients, and it’s simply not possible to create a good product without quality ingredients. Therefore looking at the ingredient list can tell you exactly how consistent and powerful a nootropic is.

Zhou Nutrition is a company that prides itself on creating supplements that are all-natural and healthy to use. They do extensive research on all their products to ensure that they are up to the mark. That’s why Neuro Peak has a formulation that is full of high-quality and reliable nootropic ingredients. 

These ingredients are commonly found in other natural popular nootropics like Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain, which show that these compounds work. 


The first item on the list is a phospholipid compound that is known as phosphatidylserine. This compound is found in our body, and it plays a crucial role in the formation of the cell membranes of the brain. It helps strengthen the membranes of the neurons in the brain; thus, this decreases degeneration of the cell membrane. Therefore phosphatidylserine can maintain the membrane of your cells and keeps them in peak condition. It also improves cognitive ability and has vital neuroprotective functions[1]. 

Bacopa monnieri

This plant has been used for many years in medicine. Bacopa monnieri decreases certain symptoms of anxiety. The plant is also a great nootropic as it is able to improve cognition and also helps to boost productivity. The compounds in Bacopa have been shown to improve the mood of an individual as well.

These compounds are known as bacosides which help to reduce some symptoms found in anxious people. Another reason why bacosides are so effective is also that they increase the quantity of some brain chemicals. There are a few important brain chemicals or neurotransmitters that help the brain to function. By increasing the levels of these substances it helps the brain to function better[2]. The mechanism of these compounds also reduces inflammation in the brain[3]. 

Vitamin B12

We all know that your body needs vitamins to function correctly. Some vitamins, like vitamin B, play a crucial role in all parts of the body. Apart from boosting metabolism and helping to maintain the cells in the body, this particular family of vitamins is essential to the health of the brain. Vitamin B12 and several other members of this vitamin family have been linked to improved cognitive functioning and increased brain health[4]. This helps to improve the way that your mind functions. 

Ginkgo biloba

Like Bacopa monnieri, Gingko Biloba is another medicinal plant that is used in lots of traditional medicine. This plant boosts oxygen supply as it has some compounds that improve the flow of blood into the brain. By doing this ginkgo brings more oxygen and nutrition to the brain. An increased blood supply helps to keep your brain healthy and improve cognition[5] which is why it is found in a variety of nootropics. It is no surprise that Ginkgo has been used for a long time for the properties that it has.


Neuro-Peak also contains DMAE or Dimethylethanolamine, which is a powerful nootropic. DMAE or Dimethylethanolamine is one of the main ingredients of this product. It reduces specific symptoms of anxiety and improves the overall mood of an individual[6]. In a study that looked at how DMAE boosted mental well-being, it was shown that there was a significant improvement in the overall mental mood. This reduces anxiety and improves focus which means that your brain can work for longer. 

Rhodiola Rosea

Finally, we’ll look at a plant that can give you mental clarity and improve your focus. Rhodiola Rosea is found in a ton of well-known natural nootropics. It is a plant that is used in medicine and Rhodiola is primarily used in a ton of natural medications. Some studies that show that this particular plant is able to improve the alertness of an individual thus helping them to be more productive[7].

The way that this medicinal plant does this by reducing the stress on the brain. While also clearing brain fog which gives you all the focus you require to work efficiently.

Is Neuro-Peak Safe?

Natural nootropics like Neuro Peak are less potent than synthetic nootropics like Modafinil. This is primarily because all of the ingredients found in Neuro Peak come from natural sources. These nootropics are much less harsh than synthetic nootropics, and they don’t leave you feeling tired after using them. 

This means that natural nootropics are quite safe to use, and they allow you to get a small boost of brain energy without having to down multiple cups of coffee. 

The primary reason for this is that the ingredients used in this nootropic Neuro Peak have quality ingredients used in traditional medicine. It also contains substances that are found in plenty of top-quality nootropics like Mind Lab Pro. These ingredients are combined into one powerful formulation.

However, there is also a downside to this. Natural nootropics contain many different extracts that might cause some side effects due to the nature of nootropics. 

  • Insomnia: Insomnia is one of the most common side effects of any nootropic, including Neuro Peak. This is because many of the ingredients in this formula help to increase brain energy and rejuvenate the mind. Neuro Peak prides itself on giving its consumers enough energy to keep them at peak performance throughout the day. Unfortunately, this means that if you consume Neuro Peak right before going to bed, it can cause insomnia and disrupt your sleep schedule. To prevent this, make it a point to schedule your doses. 
  • Headaches: Some people are unable to cope with the nootropic effects of these supplements. If you have a lot of headaches usually then you must bear in mind that there is a possibility that this nootropic might cause these headaches to increase. Contact a medical professional if this is the case and they will be able to guide you about whether or not this particular nootropic is for you. Take some time to figure out if this nootropic is right for you before purchasing it.
  • Stomach aches: It is possible that you might experience some gut discomfort. It is recommended that you check the ingredient list and consult with your doctor if necessary. 

Additionally, this product is only meant for adults and should not be consumed by children. Nootropics can also interfere with other medications, so we recommend that you contact your medical professional to make the best decision for your health. 

Top 5 Benefits

There are many positive reviews online that show that this product does work; the big question is, is it the right one for you? 

This section will try to give you all the information you need to figure that out. We’ve used data from testimonials and our own personal experience to provide you with the top 5 most prominent benefits of Neuro Peak. 


One of the main plus points of Neuro Peak is that it is quite potent. Most natural nootropics tend to require two or more pills to feel the effects, but Neuro Peak requires one. This allows you to use this nootropic without any hassle. One tablet lasts for around 4 to 6 hours, so we recommend taking one in the morning and one in the afternoon. 


This nootropic gives consistent benefits a hundred percent of the time. The dosage has been specially formulated so that it works well with one tablet. Some other synthetic nootropics, like Adderall, might cause you to have headaches some of the times when you take them. On the other hand, Neuro Peak gives you the same results every time. 


When you’re dealing with nootropics, safety is of the utmost importance. The main issue with nootropic drugs like Adderall is that these nootropics can function properly in very small doses and they can harm you if taken in large doses. Adderall is also a Schedule II drug and can be quite addictive. Natural nootropics are much less potent than these drugs, so they can be used daily without any issues. 

Natural nootropics are not as strong as synthetic nootropics and have less risk associated with them. One such risk is a side effect of nootropics, insomnia. This is a condition where a person finds it difficult to fall asleep. All nootropics have this side effect however it is less likely to occur with natural nootropics


Many of the top nootropic brands on the market are extremely pricy. These costs can add up over time and some people simply don’t want to spend a ton of money on nootropics. Neuro Peak is a great alternative to these more expensive plants and a single bottle is just around $15. If you buy in bulk then this price becomes cheaper. 

Legal and Widely Available

Adderall is a drug that is widely used as a nootropic by many people. However, this drug was never made to be a nootropic. It is a prescription drug that was created solely to serve as medication for ADHD. Because of this, Adderall and other similar nootropics like Modafinil can be quite tricky to acquire legally. 

However, Neuro Peak is available at a wide variety of stores and doesn’t require a prescription. This over-the-counter nootropic makes it perfect for anyone looking for a safe and legal alternative to a prescription drug like Adderall. 

Any Downsides?

No product is perfect and the same can be said for Neuro Peak. There are two notable cons to this product that might make you want to look at some of its competitors. These downsides are not major but they give you a better overall view of the product.

Synthetic drugs tend to last for around 10 to 12 hours. Unfortunately, Neuro Peak gives you less than half that time. Therefore if you want to stay up all night, then consider a product like Modafinil instead.

  • The effect doesn’t last as long as other natural nootropics. 

Neuro Peak is also a bit less powerful than some of the other natural nootropics on the market, like Mind Lab Pro. This nootropic will give you a good boost to begin your day but you might need to take another pill after the effects wear off. 

Neuro-Peak vs. Modafinil

Modafinil is many people’s first nootropic, and for a good reason. This synthetic nootropic is extremely potent and can give you up to 12 hours of productivity. It can boost your cognition, improve focus and heighten your ability to process information. 

However, Modafinil cannot be used daily because of its potency. This drug is also meant to be used as a prescription drug to treat narcolepsy. This means that it can be tough to get it legally. 

Neuro Peak is a much safer natural alternative that heightens focus and betters memory retention. But it lasts for only around 4 to 6 hours. 

In short, Modafinil is the perfect nootropic to pull an all-nighter. It keeps you focused for around 12 hours at a stretch. Neuro Peak is a better nootropic for daily use. 

Neuro Peak vs. Alpha Brain

Next up on our list is Alpha Brain. It is a natural nootropic that is effective and reliable. This nootropic gets its name from the Alpha waves that it forms in the brain. Alpha waves are waves that are produced when the brain is relaxed. 

Both Neuro Peak and Alpha Brain help your brain to keep focused. However, the formulation of Alpha Brain keeps your mind calm and destresses you, while Neuro Peak improves memory and mental clarity. 

If you tend to get stressed or frustrated, then Alpha Brain might be better for you. Neuro Peak is better for focused work. 

Neuro Peak vs. Mind Lab Pro

Currently, the most popular nootropic is Mind Lab Pro, which is a powerful alternative to Neuro Peak. The company that made this nootropic was one that is very knowledgeable in this field and has released a large variety of popular nootropics. 

This supplement was created to be the world’s first universal nootropic. This means that it works for anyone at any time. This powerful formula contains 11 ingredients and is great for heightening cognitive function, increasing productivity and boosting creativity. Because of this unique blend Mind Lab Pro is able to stand out. 

Neuro Peak, on the other hand, is a nootropic that improves memory retention and mental clarity. Mind Lab Pro is great for more creative work or when you need to brainstorm ideas, but Neuro Peak is better for focused taste. Keep in mind that Neuro Peak gives around 4 to 6 hours of productivity while Mind Lab Pro lasts for approximately 6 to 8 hours.   

Can You Buy Neuro Peak on Amazon?

The answer is yes; Neuro Peak is available at Amazon. However, we recommend that you buy this nootropic from its main webpage to avail any offers that might be available.  

Review of Neuro Peak | Verdict

To sum it all up, Neuro Peak is a quality nootropic that is great for day-to-day use. The main benefits that this nootropic offers are that it’s reliable, powerful, and cheaper than a ton of its competitors. 

So how do your figure out which nootropic to choose? 

If you need something more powerful, then a drug like Modafinil would be better. Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain are great natural alternatives that both have their uses. 

But if you’re looking for a nootropic to help you shake off your morning sleepiness and kick start your day, then Neuro Peak might be for you. It is a simple, easy-to-use, low-cost nootropic that gives you consistent results. This makes it perfect for professionals and students alike. 


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