Nootropics for Gamers – Level Up Your Gaming with Cognitive Enhancers

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Every video game player whether noob or pro wants to have an edge over others. And nootropics for gamers can help you improve your game.

After all who doesn’t like to win?

Gaming nootropics are brain boosters that are safe and legal options to enhance cognitive functions like focus, working memory, strategy, creativity, and more.

As gaming requires focus, coordination, precision, and mental activity to outwit your esports competitors, nootropics give you the push required. A carefully compiled nootropic stack for gamers supports heightened focus, energy, superior vision, and better reflex and thinking.    

And all these cognitive benefits ensure sharp gaming performance.

So let us start with a quick peep into how nootropics help you become dominant while playing online and some powerful nootropics for gamers available out there.   

Do you like playing video games online?

Are you an avid video game player?

If you love to play games online, then let me tell you that you are not alone. About millions of people play video games online every day. This has become more than an obsession and for a lot of people playing and streaming games online has become a source of income.

And so you really need to be good at it. This is where nootropics come in.

If you want to perform your best in the virtual world, you can take help from nootropic supplements.

And this brings us to the segment-

Do nootropics help with gaming?

A lot of you might be wondering- do nootropics really help gamers get through the long hours gaming sessions?    

Most video games require physical as well as mental skills. Good eye-to-hand coordination, fast reflexes, having a good memory, a quick thinking ability to stay focused.

If these skills don’t come naturally to you then you can take a little help from nootropics or gaming supplements.

Studies and clinical trials have proved nootropics improve the focus, motivation, mood, and memory of individuals, reducing stress and anxiety. As these nootropics are known to provide various cognitive benefits, it results into better gaming.

The use of drugs has long been used by players to improve cognitive performance. However, they are not safe and legal to use. On the other hand, nootropics are a safe alternative to make you smarter, stronger, and faster, enhancing both physical and mental performance.     

Looking for a safe and legal competitive edge in gaming?

It is essential for gamers to have a competitive edge over fellow gamers. And so instead of turning to caffeine or energy drinks, start with nootropics for gamers that will only up to your gaming performance.  

Nootropic Benefits for Gamers

If you want to hack the game, start by hacking your brain. Internet gaming demands gamers with better cognition abilities and a strong brain function that leads to better gaming success.

Brain boosting nootropic supplements enhance several cognitive functions required for peak gaming performance.  

Focus and Attention

High intensity gameplay requires extreme focus and concentration. If your mind is focused and not wandering, then you are at a distinct advantage.

There are a few nootropics that help you enhance focus and sharpen attention. Cognitive benefits like this ensure fluid gameplay and give gamers a competitive edge over others. They are considered the best nootropics for gaming as one can benefit from fast reactions and sharpened focus.    

Working Memory

There is a lot of memory based online games and e-sports out there. Working memory, also known as short term memory is basically the key to reaching top most position.

So if you are playing any such game and aiming for victory then nootropics for working memory can help you. These nootropics supplements help in retracing your recent move in gameplay sharpen your competitive feel and assisting with various game features like pattern recognition.     

Mental Energy

Another key for effective gaming is an energized mind and active mental energy. Late night gaming marathons are quite popular and gamers with a high level of mental energy and focus.

Some players resort to caffeine while some like energy drinks. However, an effective and safe alternative to such drinks is nootropics for energy and focus. They work better than caffeine and promote stimulant free mental energy [1].

Gamers get a healthier competitive boost by producing energy within brain cells.  

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is another important feature that you can see in winners.

Having a strategy is important. There are nootropics that enhance the underlying brain functions with strategic thinking like memory, learning, and other higher end cognitive process.  

Stress Resistance

Competition can create a lot of pressure on gamers and lead to stress. Intense gameplay and a competitive gaming environment happen to be counterproductive.

So you need nootropics that strengthen your resistance to stress and supports clear and logical thinking even when you are stuck in the middle of a chaotic and tense gaming scene.   


You just don’t need to be fast and smart to win a game. You need to be creative as well.

Yes, creative problem solving is all you need. Every problem has more than one solution and some nootropics help you foster a creative mindset. Creative thinking helps solve the riddle and advance through the game.  

Level Up with (Legal) Nootropics

All of us have been playing video games for a long time, however little did we know that one day it would become a source of earning money.

Today with platforms like Twitch and YouTube, gamers are monetizing their talent and passion for video games. There are professional gamers who are earning millions of cash prizes by streaming their gameplay.

It is more about competition and thus players chose drug administration to enhance their overall brain health and cognitive performance.

However, the World Anti-Doping Agency has enforced strict policies in regard to the usage of drugs and prohibited substances. But when it comes to nootropics most of them are natural, clean, and safe to use, provided you take it in the right amount.

Confused about which nootropic to take?

Don’t worry as we have got you the best nootropics for gamers that come clean under the WADA standards. These are performance enhancers that provide various cognitive benefits.  

Here is a short list of some of the best nootropics for elevating your gaming performance:

Natural nootropic supplements are effective, safe, and legal to use with no serious side effects. 

They target both the physical and mental health of individuals and can be used for professional as well as recreational use.

Best All-In-One Nootropic for Gamers: Mind Lab Pro®

Mind Lab Pro is the best and most popular nootropic available out there. If you want to up your A-game, and give your best then add Mind Lab Pro to your daily routine.   

Lab mind Pro ensures that you are at your sharpest, most focused, alert, productive, creative, and confident. At work or at play, its cognitive enhancement helps you shine everywhere.

Within 30 minutes of taking this gaming supplement, you will notice an increase in alertness, recall, focus, and verbal fluidity. It enhances your ability to concentrate and provides clarity of thoughts and strategic thinking.

Packed with 11 incredibly powerful and research backed ingredients like Ginkgo biloba, maritime pine bark extract, bacopa monnieri, l theanine, N acetyl L tyrosine, citicoline, muti-vitamin. Each capsule is highly potent and evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. Hence it is the world’s number one pick, the safest and cleanest nootropic supplement.  

It is 100% caffeine free, and stimulant free.  

Genius Gamer – Elite Gaming Nootropics

Another one of the popular scientifically researched dietary supplements that is best for gamers is Genius Gamer. If you are a professional gamer looking for gaming nootropics that offer optimal performance, then you can trust Genius Gamer.

It comes from one of the popular and trusted cognitive enhancing supplements Genius. Gamers need to be very smart with fast responsiveness.

Genius Gamers includes Dynamine, Teacrine, and Cognizin like natural, safe and premium ingredients that deliver energy, improve mood, focus, and motivation. It also ensures enhanced cognitive function like peripheral vision, quick reaction time, rapid speed, and intense focus for a long period of your binge gaming sessions.     

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT)

Computer games and e-sports build up a lot of stress and excitement at the same time. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is the chief anti-stress amino acid of our nervous system that acts as a precursor to neurotransmitters like dopamine.

The active form of L-tyrosine eliminates burnout due to excessive and intense gaming sessions. It helps to maintain a healthy dopamine level to enhance motivation focus and mood.  It siphons your excitement level along with quick thinking ability and memory consolidation during stressful situations [2].

You can combine it with B Vitamins to form a more powerful nootropics stack for optimal gaming effect.


Are you a coffee person?

Do you depend on caffeine to stay alert and awake?

If yes then L-Theanine nootropic is all you need. It is a naturally found amino acid that works synergistically with caffeine. It prolongs the effect of caffeine and even eases out its stimulating effects. Present as an active ingredient in green tea, it comes in handy to keep anxiety, jitters, and any sort of erratic behavior while playing at bay.

Its anxiolytic property tends to be helpful to gamers in two ways- First, L theanine modulates alpha brainwave in the central nervous system to promote wakeful relaxation and induce creativity. Also, it reduces over-excited and over-stimulated neural activity [3].   


Cognizin is a patented form of citicoline available in foods like egg yolks and soybean. Citicoline is the precursor of an excitatory neurotransmitter- acetylcholine which is involved in the proper execution of cognitive functions.   

Yes, citicoline acts as a choline donor providing raw materials for acetylcholine and phosphatidylcholine to deliver a wide range of health benefits. These neurotransmitters are associated with learning, memory, and stability, and the health and well being of brain cells.

It is an ideal cognitive enhancer and nootropic for gamers looking for stim-free brain supplements.

Citicoline is even considered the best nootropic for gamers because it results in two more precursor substances- choline and cytidine. These two are the building blocks to enhance cognition and energize brain functions like memory, learning, focus, and mental energy [4].   

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea has long been used as a nootropic ingredient in traditional medicines. The Rhodiola Rosea root extract helps to reduce fatigue and anxiety, enhance alertness, energy, and stamina and boost the mental performance required while playing video games [6].

It is known to have potent anti-fatigue effects. For Olympic athletes, it helps to maintain sharp physical and mental performance, while it reduces anxiety and physical and emotional stress.

Rosea is a powerful adaptogen nootropic herb and is extremely helpful for video gamers to achieve cognitive enhancing effects. It regulates Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis directly and complements the anti-stress effect of tyrosine.

A long term supplementation of Rhodiola Rosea enhances cognitive effects, which is the best alternative for gamers out there.       

Bacopa Monnieri

Another recommended nootropic for gamers is the one that is known to enhance memory and improve strategic thinking. Bacopa monnieri is also an herbal adaptogen like Rhodiola Rosea. It counteracts the stress that is super helpful to gamers.

In addition, it even slows down the rate at which we tend to forget the new things we learn. It enhances the working memory and so you can easily remember the way out of any complex maze.

Memory and strategy is the key to successful gaming performance. And Bacopa monnieri is one of the strongest cognitive enhancers known to enhance and improve focus, memory, attention, brain energy, and more cognitive function [5].  


If you are looking for a nootropic supplement to help you enhance your gaming performance, then we highly recommend you to try Mind Lab Pro. 

It is one of the best and effective nootropics for gaming that help them achieve optimal performance and victory in their gameplay. It is completely natural, safe, and legal to use. 

In addition, we have also covered various other nootropic supplements with impressive cognitive benefits. We hope that this guide will help you make the right decision. Till then keep playing.


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