Terms and Conditions

The BRAINnet website and information and services provided through the Site (Site) is provided by an unincorporated network of scientists known as BRAINnet (BRAINnet). Plans are presently underway to incorporate the network as a foundation.

Your access and use of the Site is subject to these terms.

1. Grant of License

If you agree to these terms BRAINnet will let you access the Site. Some parts of the Site may only be available to members of BRAINnet.

2. Purpose

2.1  The Site is provided for the purpose of disseminating brain-related health and research information for the benefit of the research community. The Site is not intended to be used to diagnose, to select treatment for, or to cure any health condition. Appropriate medical attention and advice should always be sought for any health issues or concerns.

2.2  BRAINnet and its members expressly disclaim any and all responsibility for any liability, loss or risk which may be or is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of any use of the Site.

2.3  BRAINnet and its members cannot warrant the accuracy, currency or completeness of information on the Site or accessed via the Site.

3. Third Party Goods or Services and Links

BRAINnet may supply third party goods or services through the Site and it may provide links to other web sites. BRAINnet does not provide any warranty for third party goods or services and it does not endorse or recommend any information, goods or services provided by web sites to which it provides links and it expressly disclaims liability for such information, goods or services to the maximum extent permitted by law.

4.  User Access Codes

You may be given a unique log-in code to access the Site. You are responsible for the use and protection of that log-in code.

5.  Proprietary Rights

You accept that BRAINnet has developed and owns the Site or has licenses from other parties.

6.  Restrictions

You must not remove or change any copyright or BRAINnet notice placed on the Site. You must not distribute content obtained from the Site to anyone who is not bound by these terms. You may only use the Site for your own information and research and you must not copy (other than for your own reasonable use), sell or re-supply any content from the Site without the prior written approval of BRAINnet.

7.  No Medical Advice

The Site does not provide medical advice and it must not be used for any medical purpose including diagnosing, selecting treatment, treating or assessing risks associated with any medical or health condition.

8.  Compliance with Laws and Rules

The Site may only be used for lawful purposes.  When you use the Site you agree to provide information that is true and complete.  You will be responsible, and required to reimburse BRAINnet for any loss that arises from a breach by you of these terms.

9.  Limitation of Liability

9.1  The Site is provided as is with no warranty. BRAINnet will not be responsible for how you use the Site.

9.2  BRAINnet and its members will not be liable to you or any other person for any loss or injury caused by use of the Site. BRAINnet and its members will not be liable to you or any other person for consequential, incidental, indirect, special or punitive damages.

9.3  Without limiting any other clause of these terms, if BRAINnet or any member is found liable to you for any claims or matters arising under or in connection with the Site, BRAINnet and its members aggregate and maximum liability for all such matters and claims in any calendar year shall not exceed AUD$100.

9.4  In the event of a defect or default in any service provided through the Site the liability of BRAINnet and its members will be limited to re-supply of the service.

9.5  You should be aware that the internet may not be secure and messages may be observed by others. BRAINnet and its members accept no responsibility for security of information on or over the internet. It is up to you to take steps to ensure that information you select for your use is free of viruses and other items of a destructive nature.

10.  Fees

Fees for any services provided through the Site and the terms of payment will be set out in the description of the applicable service or in a separate agreement that may be reached with BRAINnet.

11.   Privacy

11.1  BRAINnet will keep all your personal information confidential and it will comply with all applicable privacy laws.

11.2  All data which BRAINnet may make available to its members for research purposes is de-identified data obtained from the Brain Resource International Database which is made available to BRAINnet by Brain Resource Limited. The individuals from whom this data has been collected have consented to its use for research purposes and this data does not include names or any other information that can reasonably be used to identify the individual.

12.  Governing Law

These terms are governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia and you submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction in the courts of New South Wales, Australia.