An Innovative New Way To Do Research

BRAINnet provides free access to a database of an unprecedented array of brain, cognitive, genomic and clinical data for research and scientific publication.


BRAINnet is an innovative new way to do research. Scientific researchers from around the world can join BRAINnet to access data that is free of charge, received quickly and does not require data contribution. BRAINnet is governed by the BRAINnet Foundation, an independent non-profit organization that is working to speed the cure of psychological disorders and other brain-related illness. The BRAINnet Foundation facilitates open access to a range of brain-related data for research and scientific publication, thereby maximizing and sharing the benefits.

An unprecedented array of brain-related data is available through BRAINnet, including genomic information, electrical measures of brain and body function, structural and functional MRI, cognitive and medical history data – all collected using the same standardized assessment protocols. These data are from healthy people and those experiencing a range of brain-related illnesses.

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